This photographer dug up a bunch of stunning polaroids she took of the 70s NYC punk scene

Recently we stumbled across the work of Julia Gorton, a photographer and graphic designer who, over the last few years, has been rolling out an archive of gritty Polaroids she took of the NYC downtown scene in the 70s via her Instagram account.

julia gorton polaroids

Check out Julia Gorton’s stunning polaroids she took as she navigated the melting pot that was the 1970s punk and no wave scenes.

The snaps are reveal a stunning insight into downtown New York during on of its most electrifying periods, taken from a uniquely intimate perspective, but for many years the collection remained largely unseen. That is, until she started building her digital archive and sharing it with the world.

The archive is ever-growing and has been garnering its fair share of attention over the last few months, so, earlier this year, Gorton took the opportunity to exhibit some of her work outside the digital realm.

Taking up residence at two galleries in London, Gorton displayed photographs of punk and new wave pioneers like Debbie Harry, Billy Idol, Lydia Lunch, Richard Hell, and Tom Verlaine. Check out a bunch of her polaroids below, and be sure to keep up to date with the archive on her Instagram.

Debbie Harry by Julia Gorton
Lydia Lunch, Adele Bertai and Anya Phillip by Julia Gorton
Amy McMahon by Julia Gorton
Arto Lindsay by Julia Gorton
Tom Verlaine
Billy Idol
Kristian Hoffman by Julia Gorton
Lydia Lunch by Julia Gorton