Yujen are an electro-indie trio residing in Melbourne, and their debut EP No Aware was released via Soundcloud late last month. Yujen embody a sound devoted to building up an almost-eerie ambient setting with gentle percussion, melodies and vocals.

yujenThey grabbed out attention with their Chet Faker collaboration, but now electronic trio Yujen have proved they can very much stand on their own.

Yujen uploaded their track Try It Over to Soundcloud seven months ago, gaining them almost 300k plays. The reason behind the instant success of this single can be narrowed down to the collaboration with well-known Australian bearded gem Chet Faker who lent his voice to the track, adding volumes to the already chilled atmospheric soundscape.

Whether a deliberate marketing move or not, this track certainly reeled in a tonne of listeners who would have otherwise gone unaware of the magic that is Yujen. Now, I’ve heard my fair share of songs deemed “magical,” but it wasn’t until this discovery that I actually found a band that encapsulated the essence of magic so perfectly.

No Aware goes beyond that relative success by bringing out other beautiful tracks that you might not have expected from the band after hearing their collaboration with the Chet. The other tracks from No Aware are instrumental pieces and require almost no harmonic sound to successfully create a soft and mystical musical experience that cannot so loosely inscribe itself into any single music genre.

With their two singles Heirloom and Try It Over receiving an abundance of adoration from fans and blogs alike, Yujen have secured themselves in the alternative music scene, gaining recognition as well as radio play from national stations such as Triple J, FBi and Triple R.

I recommend pressing play on the brilliant fifth track Minor Observations, where the delicate murmurs and gentle echoes combined create something truly magnificent. Do yourself a favour and listen to it before sleeping; otherwise you might not appreciate the wave of ethereal beauty nestled inside.

This EP release also brought with it Yujen’s growing presence on Facebook, so head over to their page and hit like for more.

Lots to look forward to from this trio!

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Read our piece on how to promote your band here.