All The Colours

All the colours of the wind? All the colours of the rainbow? All the colours of what, you might ask? When you listen to progressive pop-rock band All The Colours, it certainly won’t conjure up an image of a dazzling rainbow, shimmering with colour or gentle winds which blow across the prairie.

Instead, you’ll probably picture something along the lines of “the soundtrack to a Tarantino movie that has yet to be made,” according to frontman Josh Moriarty. If you’ve never seen a Tarantino movie, (who are you) they usually involve blood and guns. A lot of them. But don’t let that scare you off.

all the colours

Self-described as sounding like “the soundtrack to a Tarantino movie that has yet to be made” are prog-pop-rock outfit All The Colours.

Led by Miami Horror‘s Josh Moriarty and made up of Jonathan Toogood (Young Dead Actors), Josh Mann (Impossible Cinema) and Joe Bramley (Betchadupa), you can bet All The Colours are a talented and experienced bunch.

The Melbourne supergroup have been making their dapper rock ‘n’ roll tunes for a while now, conceiving their unique brand of vintage rock two years ago when childhood friends Josh Mann, Jono Toogood and Joe Bramley decided to get back to their roots and begin making music together.

Since then, they’ve supported the likes of Ladyhawke and Birds Of Tokyo, played Peats Ridge, Pyramid Rock and this year’s Big Day Out and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, with their own headlining tour on the horizon.

One and a half years in the making, All The Colours’ debut self-titled album just dropped a few months ago, but it’s been well worth the wait. The self-proclaimed progressive-vintage rockers create a delectable infusion of two eras with aplomb – 60s Motown and classic rock of the 70s.

Debut single Love Like Thiscreates a gorgeous vintage sound reminiscent of The Beatles, peppered with crazy catchy riffs, piano solos and Moriarty’s inviting vocal harmonies. Their quintessential retro prog rock sound is harnessed in latest single Shame, which features a throbbing bassline, heavy guitar licks and an infectious chorus chant that will guarantee its status as a crowd favourite.

Another Majestic Casual gem I stumbled across on one of my many music-trawling escapades, the Shame (That’s Nice remix) is a tropical, laidback track that’s overflowing with warm summer vibes. Indie-dance/nu-disco producer That’s Nice transforms the riff-laden vintage rock track into an almost unrecognisable summer anthem. Mmm, that’s real nice.

With old-school influences like The Doors, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age and Led Zeppelin, All The Colours are a tribute to classic rock ‘n’ roll, while retaining that suave aesthetic reflected in their immaculate suits, bow-ties and pomaded hair. All The Colours is out now through Repent Repeat/Inertia. Grab a free download from their Bandcamp!

All The Colours will be going to L.A. for a while, so catch them while you can. Dates are:

Thursday, 5 June

All The Colours + The High & Lonesome

Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney

Friday, 6 June

All The Colours + Ayla + Rohin Brown + DJ Kristy Lee

Upstairs Beresford, Surry Hills

Saturday, 7 June

All The Colours

Opera Bar, Sydney

Saturday, 14 June

All The Colours + Guests

Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne