Yumi Zouma blend graceful synths and delicate vocals on Song For Zoe & Gwen

Yumi Zouma produce music that is as gorgeous as their name; delicate dream-pop that is surprising assured considering their relatively short career so far. Their new single Song For Zoe & Gwen is no exception. Effortlessly graceful and powerful in a downbeat kind of way, it’s the kind of song you’d imagine on the soundtrack to the inner-montage of your very childhood’s most poignant moments – c’mon we all know you’ve made one.

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Song For Zoe & Gwen, the new single from Yumi Zouma, is an endearing oxymoron: anthemic yet downbeat, graceful yet powerful – an exciting precursor for the bands forthcoming release, EP II.

Yumi Zouma began in 2013 as a bedroom collaboration between good friends from Christchurch, New Zealand. Despite the band having no intentions for their music to be made public, Cascine Records lauded the band to free their idea from hard drives into the real world; thus Yumi Zouma as we now know them came forth, fully fledged, with songs to burn.

Song For Zoe & Gwen is the second single from their upcoming EP, the second from the New Zealand band, aptly titled EP II. The debut EP from the band (yes, it’s called EP I) was met with wide acclaim, climbing to the top of the HypeMachine charts, selling out of multiple record pressings (basically unheard of these days), and scoring them support slots with the likes of Chet Faker and Lorde – all completely to the surprise of a band who never saw their music leaving their bedrooms.

Following on from lead-single Catastrophe , a similarly 80’s inspired synth pop track, Song For Zoe & Gwen has already reached #1 on the HypeMachine charts – a tribute to the infectious understated beauty of the track. Kim Pflaum’s breathy vocals carry the melody with delicacy, sincerity and apparent ease, never straining at the higher notes, ensuring an essence of serenity throughout the whole track. It’s restrained in the best kind of way, there’s nothing overtop throughout the whole track despite the underlying anthemic vibe; synths pad along softly, accompanying the vocal melodies, while drums and guitars plod along with carefree energy.

If the first two singles are anything to go by EP II is set to be a breezy collection of synth pop, full of endearing melodies and carefree vibes, a perfect way to ease yourself into the oncoming gloom of winter.



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