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Zappa’s Gear details the gear collection of the multifaceted icon

Zappa’s Gear is the book from author Mick Ekers that illustrates the gear collection of musical mastermind, Frank Zappa.

As a master of rock, pop, jazz fusion and orchestral music, the list of Zappa’s gear is obviously a long and fascinating one. Zappa's gear

Whether guitars, amps or effects, Zappa’s Gear is a chronicle of the late legend that tells all. Watch as Mick Ekers opens a window into Frank’s unique mind.

The book is aimed at Zappa fans with an interest in the gear he used. Similarly, the book also wants to engage guitar and music equipment enthusiasts with an interest in this composer’s musical achievements. Regardless of background the book aims to “provide another way for fans to connect with Frank Zappa“.

In addition to covering just about every single facet of his gear, Zappa’s Gear discusses some of the inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs without whom the musician’s particular, often modified equipment wouldn’t have existed.

The book also includes over 180 photographs of Frank’s guitars and gear taken at the his studio in LA. and contains a foreword from Dweezil Zappa. Do yourself a favour and add it the Christmas list.

The book is slated for release in November, but in the meantime, head over to the website for more information.