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Zippo inventor George G. Blaisdell’s 125th birthday celebrated with a limited-edition lighter

Almost 125 years ago on June 5th, 1895, George Grant Blaisdell was born in Pennsylvania. His life would come to be defined by an invention that’s become one of contemporary society’s most recognisable and monolithic products, the Zippo lighter.

To celebrate Blaisdell’s 125th birthday this coming year, Zippo have released a limited run of special edition lighters bearing his likeness.

George G. Blaisdell zippo lighers

The man behind Zippo turns 125. Zippo are commemorating a special date for George G. Blaisdell, the inventor of the world’s most recognisable lighter.

The GGB 125th Birthday Collectible is limited to an edition of 5,000 and comes packaged in a gift box. Each lighter will be consecutively numbered, making it a must-have for any apt collectors of Zippo lighters, or pieces of history in general.

The lighter also marks the very first edition decorated by 360 Photo Imaging, a new design process for the company. Check out what the lighter will look like below.

GGB 125th Birthday Collectible zippo

The special edition comes with all the regular Zippo bells and whistles, including a lifetime guarantee, a sturdy design, and that instantly recognisable click. You can also choose to purchase one of three insert options including Single and Double Torch Butane Inserts, or a Double Arc Rechargeable Insert if you don’t want to contend with lighter fluid.

Find out more about the George G. Blaisdell 125th Birthday Collectible here.