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PREMIERE: Dan Reeder’s new clip is the best training montage on the internet

A multi instrumentalist and musical superhuman, Dan Reeder has just released the music video for his single Kung Fu Fighting Is My Style and it’s equal parts hilarious and impressive.

Featuring the less than physically impressive protagonist, the video is a gripping montage of athleticism and traditional fighting techniques. It would be a stretch to say that this guy is the most capable of people, but as it turns out his training is just for dexterity and confidence for his upcoming video game session.

Dan Reeder

Dan Reeder obviously smashes the game out of the park and the clip is one soaked in victory. But there is a final twist.

The gaze of the camera rises to the heavens where we see God and his many friends playing an equally engaging game… the game of our hero in real life.  His physical training was not futile after all, the audience is left rejoicing his prowess and skill.

The track itself is rock and roll driven, with big guitars and powerful, inspiring builds Kung Fu Fighting Is My Style has a vintage allure to both its visuals and its instrumentation. What’s probably most impressive about Reeder is that each and every instrument is made by the artist. We are not kidding.

Guitars, drums, computers… even a saxophone (a feat which he now admits he will never attempt again). So this song comes with a sense of humour, but also a large degree of precision and respect for the craft of musicianship and the specifics of his own sound.

The single comes off of the recently released EP Nobody wants to be you., due for release this Friday.

Reeder’s previous work receiving praise from The New Yorker, No Depression and NPR. Considering he does every single element of the recording himself, it’s more an experience of wow factor than anything else.

Warm up for the record with This Is: Dan Reeder, a Spotify playlist curated by his label.


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November 8, 2017