Been hanging out for the new Jack White record? Apparently it’s almost done, and it’s very weird

Been hanging out for the new Jack White album? Well, it looks like it might not be too far off.

Jack White

Been hanging out for the new Jack White record? Apparently it’s “practically done” and is a “bizarre one”.

Speaking with Billboard following a keystone speech the Making Vinyl conference in Detroit on Monday, White offered an update on his follow-up to 2014’s Lazaretto.

“It’s practically done, just some finishing touches,” he said. “It’s a bizarre one. I’ve just got to let it settle. I need to listen to it by myself. I haven’t been able to listen to it by myself for awhile.”

Back in March, White revealed in an interview with The New Yorker he was busy writing new solo music.

“I’m going to try to write songs where I can’t be heard by the next-door neighbour,” he said. “And I want to write like Michael Jackson would write—instead of writing parts on the instruments or humming melodies, you think of them. To do everything in my head and to do it in silence and use only one room.”

Then, more recently, White’s label, Third Man Records posted some photos of him working on new material in New York City and L.A. Stay tuned for an official release. Hopefully it won’t be too far off.

During the Making Vinyl conference, White offered some of his own observations on the state of vinyl in 2017 too.

“Last week I saw a TV show. I’m watching and there’s a commercial for an insurance company and someone drops a needle on a vinyl record,” he said.

“Five minutes later there’s a commercial for some drug company and there’s somebody dropping a needle on a vinyl record. My kids are watching ‘The Price Is Right’ and they’re giving away a turntable on ‘The Price Is Right’ in 2017! We should all in this room be proud of that. That’s a big deal. It’s almost an avant garde thing on its own.”

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