No one is safe from a Kanye West interruption, not even Tony Abbott

10 Events Kanye West Is Bound To Interrupt

Excuse me, guys. I think this article calls for a Kanye West interruption.

We all heard about how Yeezus alllllmost interrupted another acceptance speech, right? Well, in case you missed it, last week Kanye almost did another Kanye by almost storming the stage in protest of veteran alt-rocker Beck taking out the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Because, of course you guys, it should have gone to Queen Bey who has one of the best videos of all time.

Kanye West

Another event, another Kanye interruption. Tay Tay and #WhoIsBeck have both suffered at the hands of ‘Ye. Now, as he continues his mighty quest to make unworthy artists respect artistry and give their awards to Beyoncé, the question dear readers is, which events will Kanye interrupt next?

10. #WhoIsBeck’s Inevitable Post-Grammy Tour

beck interrupted

Who is Beck? Who is Beck!?! If you also asked #WhoIsPaulMcCartney then condolences to you and your deprived childhood. Rightful bearer of Album of the Year and not rightful bearer of newfound hashtag mean that he’s going to tour. It’s inevitable. Also inevitable is Kanye buying a ticket just so he can interrupt Beck fo reals this time.

9. King of Triple J’s Hottest 100

Chet Interrupted

Another crowning, another interruption. And yep, this time it’s our chosen King of Triple J’s Hottest 100, Chet Faker. Winning the glorified title makes our bearded friend next in line for a Kanye interruption. Not only did Faker’s sheer tour de force knock out any chances of Yeezy’s foe-turned-BFF Tay Tay winning top spot, but he didn’t respect artistry by giving his award to Beyoncé. End of line Faker.

8. The Next #LibSpill

Abott Interrupted

So Tony and his cronies may have survived the first #LibSpill, but they shouldn’t get too comfy on the throne. Fitting Kanye’s definition of anti-artistry beautifully (not to mention also being anti-environment, anti-immigration and anti-human rights) these guys are definitely guilty of “smacking people in the face”. This leaves Kanye no choice but to carry out an interruption coup in which ‘Ye shall seize the throne before the Libs even know what hit ‘em.

7. Game of Thrones Season 5

got Interrupted

Speaking of the throne, we all know it doesn’t get much throne-ier than Game of Thrones. We also know that the collective we does not include Kanye, because Kanye only refers to Kanye in third person. As the new epic season approaches and the collective we eagerly await more blood and guts and borderline pornographic scenes, a Kanye interruption is imminent. You see, Kanye says that Kanye already did Watch the Throne and no illegal downloading hands can take it from Kanye. EVER.

6. And the Oscar for Best Lead Actress goes to…

Oscars Interrupted


Remember that time she said she wants to win an Oscar? Well, we all know that Bee gets what Bee wants. Plus, you guys, her acting is like so bad it’s good. Losing to her Dreamgirls co-star Jennifer Hudson and getting oh-so-close when she played Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers, the time is ripe for Sasha Fierce to win an Academy Award. For artistry’s sake, this calls for a Kanye interruption. Yo Julianne Moore, you better get your best I’m-pretending-to-be-happy-for-you-but-secretly-dying-inside face on.

5. And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to…

Birdman Interrupted


Just kidding. Kanye stormed the stage again and Michael Keaton had to hand the award to Yeezus’ Spike Jonze directed music video Only One. It stars heir to the throne and soon to get her own clothing line and reality TV show, North West. Oh yeah, it also feat. that guy Sir Paul McCartney, apparently on organ. In all its autotune glory, clearly this is one of the best pictures of all time.

4. #BreakTheInternet Take 2

Kim Interrupted

So, Kimmy is at it again trying to break that darn internet. Respecting artistry like a pro, her latest stunt sees her bare all for some magazine. Kanye is already interrupting every stage known to man (in meme form) announcing it as one of the best full frontal nudes of all time.

3. Australia’s Eurovision Wildcard

TISM Interrupted

You’ve probably heard, we’re off to Eurovision! The burning question is, which lucky artist will represent our lucky country? Could it be Johnny Farnham? Queen Delta? Or maybe our gal pal Nikki Webster? Don’t be silly. It’ll be a former Australian Idol contestant. This means bearded Beyoncé won’t be selected, which also means ‘Ye must step on that Eurovision stage in protest.

2. Kanye

Kanye Interrupted

Ok, so the next Grammys might be another year away, but that doesn’t stop Kanye pulling a Kanye on Kanye. Word on the street is that the genius himself is dropping a new album this year. No doubt gushing with monumental feats of music, we might as well save him the effort and all storm the stage to award him Album of the Year now.

1. Keyboard Cat

Keyboard cat Interrupted

Legendary YouTube star, Keyboard Cat, the decider of he who has failed and must get off stage, has had his fair share of Kanye interruptions. But, if anyone can take a Kanye interruption it’s the Master of Interruptions himself, right? So maybe, just this once, Keyboard Cat won’t let Yeezus I’ma let him finish? Only YouTube will tell.

10 events, 10 Kanye interruptions. Get your GIF-making skills at the ready, kids.



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