10 songs you’ll lose your shit to at Splendour

It’s almost that time of year again, the time to explore the fields of North Byron Parklands and experience all the super snazzy musical superiority Splendour in the Grass has to offer. We’re rather eager, wet your pants eager… well, there is a slight chance I may be over exaggerating, but nonetheless we’re anticipating this festival like it ain’t nobody’s business. So to honour its impending arrival, we’ve conjured up 10 songs you are bound to lose your shit to once you hear them live… you’re welcome.

Splendour songs

We’re only one sleepless month away, so here’s 10 songs you will to lose your shit to at Splendour in the Grass 2015. See you at the singalong.

Dandy Warhols – Dandy’s Rule Ok

Although the Dandy’s have been reluctant to do more than tease fans with a few random drippings of new music over the past 20 years, they’ve recently begun playing stripped down electronic versions of renowned 1995 record Dandy’s Rule Ok at festivals. Although technically this is much more than one song, to witness the Dandy’s throwing an extreme contemporary twist over a classic 90’s record will no doubt be an intriguing experience for every listener, so let us pray to the music gods that us Aussies will be lucky enough to see them perform it in all their delightful glory at Splendour.

Tame Impala – Let it Happen

Arguably Tame Impala’s most electronic piece of music, Let It Happen is a seven minute step in a completely new direction for the band, and twists sixties flavour in with contemporary synth, and electronica beats. Endlessly intriguing, and inevitably psychedelic, the boys are guaranteed to have many psyches in the palm of their hands after they play this track at Splendour. The perfect festival number that impressed the festival goers of Coachella, and will no doubt keep eyes and minds peeled here in Aus.

Allday – You Always Know The DJ

It’s no secret that Allday has some serious swagger, and You Always Knows the DJ is a great exhibition of just why this young rapper has cast such a spell over us. Ripped straight from his debut LP Startup Cult the track details a funky beat, his trademark Aussie vocals, and lyrics reminiscent to those of the nineties RnB big shots. There’s simply no denying that this track will get a few booties shakin’ and a couple bevvies splashing at Splendour this July.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Baby, Bye, Bye

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are everyone’s latest obsession, and Baby, Bye, Bye highlights all the reasons why. Beginning with gorgeous swing piano riffs, it soon drops into a deep hip-hop beat, and of course some 50s rock n roll inflicted guitar. They’re an intriguing duo who when seen live are sure to bring even greater riffs to the forefront. Their bluesy style is bewitching and will have every pair of eyes and ears at Splendour brewing in their big ol’ pot of prodigiousness.

C.W Stoneking – How Long

C.W Stoneking’s How Long features a lashing of stripped back, yet intricate guitar and with the assistance of some hella soulful backing vocals. You will no doubt be transported to a time where the blues was all we had. Stoneking exudes unrefined intensity through his husky vox whilst screaming out for answers. Quite frankly, any song performed by Stoneking is bound to be a killer, I mean, the man is practically the reincarnation of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins so how could it not be mind altering?!

The Delta Riggs – Supersonic Casualties

This year’s Splendour seems to have successfully acquired a range of ultra-modern, yet noticeably retro acts, all of whom blend and bend the greatest elements of each genre to create wigged-out, hyped up tracks that seem as though they were made with a festival crowd in mind. The Delta Riggs have done just that with single, Supersonic Casualties. The track was released early last year, and if played at Splendour will have even the soberest of spirits feeling high. That is of course, if you can look past the super tight jeans of front man Elliot Hammond and allow yourself to be swept into his kingdom of rugged vocals, and trashy drums.

The Babe Rainbow – Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest

If you’re yet to have heard this trippy track and are wondering what the heck it’s all about, I am here to inform you that it is as wacky, weird and wondrous as its name. Upon hearing this tune for the first time I was in awe, when I looked past the groovy outfits featured in the accompanying music video, the musicianship was rich. Sitar, guitar, crisp drums; each instrument locks itself in with the next to create a chain of 70s inspired sounds. This track is one that generates sensual vibes from the get go, and no matter the place it’s being heard will leave a mark on the mind, and have an abundance of bodies swaying.

Catfish and The BottlemenHomesick

Fresh from their debut LP The Balcony, Homesick is an infectious indie rock anthem that’s title alone is bound to have majority of the youth in attendance missing home, yet will immediately contradict itself buy tearing down the barriers, and forcing you to feel nothing but the words being sung. One must command these songbirds. Catfish and The Bottlemen could have gotten by solely on their sixties soaked, sex appeal but have instead showcased a lashing of talent – talent that is sure to shine brightly amongst the plethora of talented acts at Splendour.

Jenny Lewis – Just One Of The Guys

This pop songstress made the headlines late last year thanks to her ‘star studded’ clip for One Of The Guys and there’s just no denying that the track is damn melodious. Although Lewis is barely one to break the rules of pop music, this number is a unique concoction of auto-tune, nineties style vocal execution, and soft yet strong beats. To witness her perform it live would be a bit of unforgettable fun for those peeps looking to be enthralled by some light strumming, and breezy vox.

Harts – Breakthrough

Serving as the latest single from guitar virtuoso Harts, Breakthrough details warm, alluring vocals and his renowned Hendirx style shredding. Full of passion, Harts allows intensity to pour straight out of his fingertips and does intricate things to the human mind whilst doing so. He is entrancing, and seeing him perform it live will surely reintroduce the many souls at Splendour to the beauty of Blues inspired modish Rock n Roll.