Police say Splendour punters were well behaved despite multiple drug offences

The NSW Police have issued a statement praising the majority of festival-goers as “well-behaved” at this year’s Splendour in the Grass, despite 92 drug offences and the use of banned flares.

Post Splendour news

Tweed/Byron Local Area Commander, Acting Superintendent Gary Cowan said in a statement: “Police work closely with Splendour organisers to ensure the festival is safe and fun, and we are pleased the overwhelming majority of revellers were well-behaved all weekend.”

In the minority were those who attempted to bring illegal drugs in to the festival, including 92 people who were caught by sniffer dogs, and 75 who were given the dreaded ‘cannabis caution.’

“I am disappointed there were still some people who ignored our advice and tried to bring illegal drugs past the drug-detection dogs and through the gates,” Cowan continued. “We arrested a number of people with large amounts of drugs and, in court, we will allege these people were planning to sell the drugs inside the festival.”

A few punters also smuggled flares into the festival, a banned item that was let off multiple times over the weekend during sets from The Dandy Warhols, Tame Impala and Blur. Thankfully, nobody was hurt by said flares.