1942 animated classic ‘Bambi’ to be reimagined as live-action film

Okay, it’s 1999, you’re nearly five years old and you just put your VHS of Bambi on. You have a poptop in your hands and your eyes glued to the screen. Thumper makes you giggle, and Bambi’s mother breaks your heart, but all in all, Disney has once again whisked you away to a magical place where animals talk like us and love like us.

Well, just when we thought Disney had finished transposing their classic animations into the real world, it has been confirmed that Bambi will be returning with a live-action version.

Disney are giving audiences another chance to see an animated classic come to life with  Bambi. It joins a growing list of live-action remakes from the media conglomerate.

In the past five years alone we have seen remakes of some of our favourites including The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and the upcoming Mulan. Some of them have crossed the line of so realistic that it they more alien than familiar, but in any case, a Disney movie is a Disney movie.

Hopefully Bambi will transcend expectation and reunite its fans young and old, whilst reinvigorating the 1942 drawings to feel much more real. For those who haven’t seen the classic, it goes a little something like this; a young deer fawn and his animal friends including a young rabbit (Thumper) and skunk (Flower) journey their way through their forest home.

Bambi is another great addition to the live-action, $8 billion box office saga of reimagined Disney movies.

Now remember, in the wise words of Thumper: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”.