20 guilty pleasure songs from the 2010s that will never go away

The 2010s will no doubt be remembered more for its evolution in music platforming than it’s high quality output. Gone are the poorly titled mp3’s and here are the exclusive Spotify streams.

Although, as we reflect on the decade that was there is an undeniable amount of world-class bangers. Thus we have collected the top 20 guilty pleasure songs from the 2010s.

guilty pleasure songs
Photo: Mat Hayward

We know you love them too. Here are the 20 best guilty pleasure songs of the 2010s that you probably know every word to.

20. Mark Ronson ft. Kevin Parker – Daffodils

As soon as Kevin Parker‘s heavenly falsettos float down you know Daffodils is gonna be a hit. The infectious blend of uptown funk and Tame Impala confirms Mark Ronson as one of the most notable producers around.

19. Beyoncé ­– Run The World (Girls)

Beyoncé always knows how to cut to the core of an issue and she does it best on Run The World (Girls). A sequel of sorts to James Brown‘s It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World, Beyoncé’s tune is a stunning snapshot of society’s progression.

18. Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Swedish singer Robyn released an indisputable hit with Dancing On My Own. From her fifth studio album, Robyn won a Grammis Award for Song Of The Year and is always a dance floor favourite.

17. Drake – Hotline Bling

Drake might be your favourite artist of all time but he’s also a guilty pleasure. The song that single handedly made memes a world wide phenomenon, Hotline Bling has a pretty hot groove and it still goes down real smooth.

16. Hermitude – Speak Of The Devil

Harken back to 2011 for a second. Hermitude were at an all time high and Speak Of The Devil was undeniably on top. Bound to get any dance floor 10ft off the ground, Speak Of The Devil is still as catchy as it was when it dropped.

15. Discolure – Latch

Sam Smith and Disclosure teaming up was always going to produce a chart smashing success. No one knew how quickly the wildfire would spread however.

Latch went platinum in just about every country in the world and it still continues to dazzle.

14. Ariana Grande – thank u, next

Ariana Grande may be a divisive but her first of four singles this year was definitely her best. thank u, next also stayed in our head for three weeks straight. An ode to all the shitty boy friends out there this is Ariana Grande at her finest.

13. Avicii ­– Levels

Avicii was an EDM hit making machine. Perhaps the greatest there ever was below the likes of Fatboy Slim. The hook to this song is so eternal it would be an insult no to include it here and not to dance every time it’s played.

12. DJ Koze – Pick Up

DJ Koze‘s Pick Up dropped in 2018 however it could have very easily been made in the ’90s. The lo-fi production and groove certainly capture the essence of French house perfectly and we absolutely love it.

11. Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Another house style number to make the list guilty pleasures are usually defined by their dance potential. If that is indeed the case then Caribou takes the cake with Can’t Do Without You.

10. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

One of the most instantly recognisable bass lines of all time. Embodying the distorted vocals of Gorillaz with a heavy wave of summery bliss, Foster The People made an undying classic with Pumped Up Kicks. 

9. Architecture In Helsinki – Escapee

Made even more famous for it’s inclusion in 2012s FIFA game, Architecture In Helsinki have always stood out from the pack. Their upbeat vocals and dream pop influences are pure gold and it never shines more brightly than on Escapee.

8. Pharrell Williams – Happy

The happiest song of all time, we can’t help but smile and dance every time we hear with little pop ditty. If someone says this song isn’t a guilty pleasure of theirs don’t trust them, they’re lying.


7. Client Liason – Groove The Physical

Mixing ’80s Disco with ’70s funk and modern pop, Client Liason dropped a sex groove banger in 2014. While it doesn’t push any boundaries musically, it’s catchy as hell and certainly gets you limbered up.

Chuck Client Liason on your party playlist because they have some of the best guilty pleasure songs going round.

6. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk

Bringing back the golden age of funk and putting it into a modern pop context, Bruno Mars‘ Uptown Funk is an anomaly.

Fitting multiple key changes, tempo swings and genres into a four and a half minute single is no easy feat, but Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson pull it off with style.

5. Lana Del Rey ­ Summertime Sadness

With the release of her incredibly successful album Norman Fucking Rockwell we realised how much we love Lana Del Rey and decided to look back at all her hits from the past decade.

There is far too many to count but Summertime Sadness certainly sticks out from the rest.

4. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Taylor Swift has had a fair share of hits to her name over the past decade but the one that still rings the loudest between the ears is 2014s Shake It Off. 

The message is as poignant as it is catchy and we still love every time it gets spun on the radio. Definitely one of the best guilty pleasure songs of all time.


3. Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)

Another undeniable banger, Rihanna was rolling out the hits in 2010 with What’s My Name?, Man Down, Love The Way You Lie and S&M coming out that year alone.

The queen of singles however is Only Girl and it goes off every time it spins on a 2am dance floor.

2. Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Adele is quintessential 2010s and whether you love her or hate her she’s got some mean pipes. Rolling In The Deep is forever imprinted on the inside of our skulls and we love it.

1. Daft Punk – Get Lucky

OK, Daft Punk are less of a guilty pleasure and more cool as hell, and their 2013 collaborations with Pharell Williams and Nile Rogers ticks all the boxes.

We defy you to not dance by the end of this song.