2016 is the year of hip-hop, and X and Hype are at the forefront

Aussie hip-hop is going through a transformation. As listeners we are used to the usual strong male Australian accent blazing through tracks. But in recent years more diversity is emerging from the Aussie hip-hop scene bringing in even more fans and talent.

X and Hype mutants

As the Aussie hip-hop scene continues to flourish you can add another name on the list of artists to watch. It’s X and Hype, and damn, these boys have skill

X and Hype is a perfect example of this trend. The duo Charles X and Hypeman R2D,2 also known by their parents as Charlie and Nick, are a Sydney based hip-hop duo whose sound is heavily influenced by 90’s hip-hop legends such as ATCQ, Wu-Tang Clan and Big L. One of the reasons Charles X started performing was because of Busta Rhymes old crew Leaders of the New School. They call their sound ‘Mutant Style’ probably because their hip-hop is a mutation of classic 90’s infused with modern sounds and diverse beats.

They’ve been friends since they were 14 and for a brief moment neighbours. Charlie has always rapped but was always tentative to performing in public and because he and Nick we’re good mates he asked him to be his hypeman.

[The idea for X and Hype] was kinda random,” said Charlie.

I always rapped and Nick always wanted me to put my stuff out but I wasn’t really with it so he would like upload my stuff without me knowing. After I got my first show back in high school I was nervous af so I asked him to be my hypeman and that was that.”

Early last year they released their first EP called RADIO-ACTIVE Dreams. The EP has 9 tracks with some of them produced by a number of prominent hip-hop producers such as Pete Rock, J Dilla and Lord Finesse. First track off the EP, Joelle produced by legendary New Yorker Lord Finesse is a slick piece of artistry serving up playful lyrics such as “Okay I’m heading in the general direction/ walking kinda funky with my genital erection.”

X and Hype are also involved with another collective Da Mutantz who released their debut EP in September last year. When you listen to it you’ll hear a wide range of samples in their music, as the producer 26th Letter loves the use of samples to give the EP a nostalgic feel with popular old school sound bites. Songs off that EP to listen to are Whos Got The Funk, a jazz infused song with the saxophone trilling throughout and Mutant Style where Charlie X is spitting fast verses with a very 90’s production.

Later this year another EP from these boys will drop so keep your eyes and ears open. If your Friday is free this week head to Dawson Mall in Mt Druitt and watch X and Hype tear up the stage.