Big Bad Echo are most welcome ghosts on Half Polyester Sheets

In a haunted house, it’s silent, so quiet. From the bed, there’s a sound, something dark, warm and attractive… An apparition… There’s a Big Bad Echo hiding in my Polyester Sheets! Big Bad Echo has a ghost in their guitars and plays like it’s night of the living riff.

Big Bad Echo half polyester sheets

What’s that creaking down the corridor? That ghostly whisper on your neck? It’s the haunting tones of Big Bad Echo to give you the best kind of cold chill.

Hailing from the sunny city of Brisbane, this dark psychedelic post-punk band sound powered by the sun and guided by the moon. Mick Reddy is the frontman, originally using Big Bad Echo to express his songwriting skills solo. Reddy (vocals and guitar) is joined by Matty Bromley (guitar and vocals), Michael Swift (drums and percussion), Nick Broomham (Bass and keys) and Joe Saxby (Guitar, keys and sax). Big Bad Echo has been refining their craft since 2013 with the band becoming a solid five-piece by the of 2014.

The band take the drone and feel of post-punk and remind us that there’s a bright side to all perspectives. Half Polyester Sheets covers you with a soundscape that helps drives away whatever hurts you, has a drum beat that bounces behind reverberated vocals and bass that keeps the colours from the guitar floating away. The psychedelic vibe is taken from the 80s, with Big Bad Echo sounding like Gold Class crossed with Teen Sensations.

Maybe it’s time to dance with the devil by the pale moonlight by Brisbane River. Well, at least that’s the tone of the five-piece. The sound is mature, thoughtful, containing something for the mind and the hips. Anyone who has been able to see Big Bad Echo live has been treated to an act that captivates and freaks out audiences with their duality of light and dark.

Big Bad Echo is for the nights you can’t sleep when there’s so much on your mind that there’s a risk of drowning in melancholy. Big Bad Echo is there to ask you to be a passenger as they drive you through a black forest. The music can help guide you through bad times to the good; this is the sound of a frown being turned upside down.

Big Bad Echo is like a ghost, a friendly ghost. Sure, the hair on the back of your neck will stand up, and eyes will open wide, but if you found them between your polyester sheets you’d find a comfortable bedfellow haunting you.