PREMIERE: Teen Sensations keep surf pop alive with Monster Beach Party

Surfing, drag racing their T-Birds and going steady with their chicks, those Brisbane 20-somethings pretending to be teenagers pretending to be The Beach Boys are at it again doing what neat-o gangs do best. Jeremy Neale, the team player who doesn’t mind getting the assist, and his doo-wop rocking band, Teen Sensations, have just released another Cherry Coke flavoured video for their surf pop single Monster Beach Party.

Teen Sensations Monster Beach Party

The prolific Jeremy Neale and his Teen Sensations keep surf pop alive with Monster Beach Party, a fun throwback to babes, band uniforms and werewolves.

A sun-drenched tune keeping the memory of Bobby “Boris” Pickett alive, the gang’s latest clip takes us to the twilight zone with hair-raising vocal hooks, spine-tingling summer vibes and all your favourite spooky monsters.

Interrupted by an Emergency Broadcast announcement, we enter the haunted Dance Castle of the Night, a seemingly normal tiki-themed Kodak Beach bar. Donning their matching blue-and-white striped shirts, Jerry Sensation, Corky Sensation, Georgie Sensation and Your Sensation take the stage to kick off the beach party with sunny pop guitars and sun-kissed harmonies. As the also seemingly normal crowd of party-goers start to bop and sway, everything seems peachy. Too peachy.

KAZAAM! In a whoosh of melodic surf pop harmonies, our Sensations lose their matching neat-o shirts and don their matching neat-o Count Shaqula capes. Boy, did they sure have us fooled! Transforming into creepy Draculas right before our eyes, our party-goers decide to hell with it and also reveal their true monster identities. As the ghouls, ghosts, zombies, vampires and token animals emerge from the castle’s shadows, the beach party takes a turn for the terrifying.

Now in full swing, the monsters loosen up; Dr Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde even have the guts to tell all the mummies that they look so fine. But, when the frightening werewolves are unleashed (two adorable dogs that can’t believe their luck), the Count Shaqulas and party-goers succumb to the castle’s supernatural forces as the Thriller vibes swell. Creatures of all sorts frighten us at every sun-drenched doo-wop until one bloodcurdling laugh puts an end to the madness. Ever so smoothly vanishing beneath their capes, the Sensations call the Monster Beach Party a wrap, the party-goers howling in appreciation of the fun times had by all.

Making waves in Chick City with their nostalgia flavoured tunes, Jeremy Neale and his neat-o gang are doing a swell job of showing the world that surf pop music isn’t dead. Yep, these Brisbane 20-somethings pretending to be teenagers pretending to be The Beach Boys really do know how to make surf pop sound cool again. The only thing missing in their latest goofy but fun, nostalgia-filled Monster Mash meets Thriller video is a choreographed zombie dance routine, but the werewolves kind of make up for that.