Here’s your chance to win a $400 ramen and a copy of ‘Yakuza: Like a Dragon’

Over the top and extremely extravagant, a $400 ramen befitting the world of Yakuza: Like a Dragon is coming to Sydney.

What does Yakuza: Like a Dragon and the Sydney-based restaurant, Gumshara, have in common? As of today, it’s the world’s most expensive bowl of ramen noodles.

On top of that, it’s their fondness for exaggerated displays of craziness and how it’s a metaphor for the game’s wild protagonist. Rags to Riches is a fitting name for this luxurious meal.


Ichiban Kasuga will be the new protagonist in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. After falling from grace and getting betrayed by his former Yakuza family, this game will be a story of a hard-earned struggle towards his former glory.

The concept of a meal that regularly costs around $10 being rejigged to cost $400 fits the bill rather poetically.

yakuza 0

The owner of Gumshara and creator of Rages to Riches says: “Being given a chance to imagine such an over-the-top ramen dish has been fantastic, and I’m proud of what we’ve created. My wife is actually a fan of the Yakuza series of video games, so I’m familiar with the craziness of the game and hope to have captured its essence in our own way!”

The ingredients in this luxurious ramen include:

  • 5kg high-end lobster heads
  • 10kg quality pork bone
  • 1x full lobster: Tempura lobster tail and golden head fashioned as a dragon head for garnish
  • Noodles
  • Traditional ramen garnishes of soft-boiled seasoned egg, bamboo shoots, spring onions,
  • Golden nori

If you don’t have $400 laying around, that’s perfectly fine. Hope onto the Xbox ANZ Twitter to RT and Follow for your own chance to win a bowl of this ramen.

If that wasn’t sweet enough, did we mention that you might also get a free copy of Yakuza: Like a Dragon to keep?

From a culinary perspective, this Yakuza ramen looks like an absolute delight. For the record, this isn’t 5kg of lobster nor 10kg of pork on top of the ramen, it’s all going straight into the broth. With so much flavour and umami, one may almost forget the massive decorated lobster serving as the centrepiece to this meal.

Mouth-watering, to say the least.