47 of the world’s poorest countries to aim for 100% green energy. Meanwhile Trump intends to pull all US funding for climate change

In a collective move that has been described as ‘inspirational’, 47 of the world’s poorest countries have pledged to generate all their future energy needs from renewables at the recent climate conference in Marrakech.

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While clowns like Trump and Malcolm Roberts flat out refuse to take climate change seriously, 47 of the world’s most disadvantaged nations have pledged to generate all their future energy needs from renewables.

Members of the Climate Vulnerable Forum from disadvantaged countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Haiti issued their statement on the last day of the conference, saying they will update their national plans on cutting carbon before 2020.

Named the Marrakech Vision, the plan promises that the 47 members will “strive to meet 100% domestic renewable energy production as rapidly as possible, while working to end energy poverty and protect water and food security, taking into consideration national circumstances.”

The countries involved are keen supporters of keeping the global temperature rise this century under 1.5C – a target agreed during negotiations in Paris last year.

“We are pioneering the transformation towards 100% renewable energy, but we want other countries to follow in our footsteps in order to evade catastrophic impacts we are experiencing through hurricanes, flooding and droughts,” said Mr Mattlan Zackhras, a minister from the Marshall Islands.

However, much of the progress towards meeting these global renewable energy goals will depend on input from richer nations like the US.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump has promised that he will stop US federal dollars being spent on global warming initiatives. This is a massive blow to the global climate effort as the US has promised $100 billion a year from 2020 as part of the Paris climate agreement.

$3 billion is currently owed by the States for the initial capitalisation of the green climate fund, but it has only paid some $500 million to date.

“We don’t know what countries are still waiting for to move towards net carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy,” said an obviously Edgar Gutierrez, Costa Rica’s minister for the environment. “All parties should start the transition, otherwise we will all suffer.”

Meanwhile, in Australia, clowns like One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts are saying shit like this:

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