5 acts from Queensland we’re really digging right now

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we scour the depths of Australia and New Zealand to bring you some raw talent as part of our Needle in the Hay vinyl competition.

To begin our journey across the vast country, we’re taking a look at some of our favourite acts currently making music out of sunny Queensland. Whittling it down to five artists was no small feat, but here are a selection of our faves.

We’re looking all over Australia and New Zealand, giving one artist the chance to press their single to vinyl. Here are 5 artists from Queensland we’re digging.


We were first made familiar with Clea (say it like ‘clay’) when she dropped her debut album, Vermillion, in 2018. The album is a collection of sweeping instrumental arrangements and hypnotic vocal hooks; it quickly established her as one of Australia’s most unique pop acts.

Now, with the release of her latest single Soft Blow To The Head, she continues to expand on her expansive sound. With a sophomore album expected later this year, we can’t wait to hear what Clea delivers next.

The Unknowns

Coming to you out of the Sunshine Coast, The Unknowns belt out high-octane psychobilly rock n’ roll. With frantic rhythms and a raw garage sound, the band make music that feels nostalgic of rock music’s past, while incorporating an energy that feels distinctly current.

On their latest release, Will You Wait For Me, the band flaunt everything that makes them great. It’s fast and catchy; simultaneously wild and air-tight.

Holiday Party

Holiday Party are one of the most underrated bands currently making music in Australia. With their slick dream-pop sounds, the Brisbane duo have spent the past number of years crafting immaculate and deeply addictive pop gems.

Last week they shared a new single, Let Down, and shared details of a full-length album. We can’t wait to hear what else they’re packing on this next release.

Jeremy Neale

Jeremy Neale delivers compact indie-rock tunes, incorporating stylish classic pop melodies. Each one of his tracks feels like a perfectly wrapped package; he never goes over the top and he never underdelivers. For this reason, his latest album We Were Trying To Work It Out is a seriously satisfying listen.

If you’re keen to get a really good new tune stuck in your head, listen to a Jeremy Neale song. It’s guaranteed to do the trick.

Smells Like Nanna’s House

One day, while I was browsing through triple j Unearthed, I was greeted by a man in a sharp white suit propped up against a bold orange wall. “This looks like fun,” I remember thinking to myself. I was correct.

Smells Like Nanna’s House is the sultry pop project of Gold Coast artist Sam Bergmark. With irresistibly sleazy lyrics and smooth-as-fuck production, this is the kind of music that makes you want to roll around on your satin sheets thinking of past lovers. Magical stuff.

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