Soundtrack to Slay: Zoe Catterall

You might have seen Zoe Catterall standing front and centre of her band The Buoys, but when she’s not playing shows all over Australia, she takes every opportunity she can get to blow off some steam by gaming.

“I think the best thing about gaming – and in fact probably what makes it similar to music for me – is that it’s a form of escapism. You can really just let yourself go which I think is super valuable. If you want a hot second to chill out, I think gaming is so important in that regard.” 

Soundtrack to Slay: Zoe Catterall DOOM Eternal

Zoe Catterall is a musician and a gamer – one of the millions who love both. When Soundtrack to Slay was just kicking off, we asked her into the studio to meld her two hobbies.

“I think I first played DOOM… definitely at work, definitely pretending to do work.”

Soundtrack to Slay is an upcoming 7″ record inspired by all things DOOM. When preparing for the record, we invited Catterall into Enmore Audio to jam out a few ideas – starting, of course, with the iconic original DOOM theme.

“It just has that drive and pulse to it which I try to put into my own music, in that I want people to be nodding their head or feeling a nice rhythm. I think it has such a drive behind it. It’s a real amp up song.” 

For Catterall, gaming and music have always informed one another, but they’ve never been this intertwined. Both are tools for entertainment, for growth, for frustration, and often, pure glee. More than that, they both bring people together.

“I’m starting to draw all the parallels now between gaming and music, being that a guild is like a band. Especially in gaming, oftentimes you will let your team down and they have to kind of forgive you because you’re a guild and you just stick together, that’s what it is.” 


Soundtrack to Slay is a one-off 7″ record created in celebration of DOOM. The latest game in the series, DOOM Eternal, is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Soundtrack to Slay

A-side: Owen Penglis – Trapped on the Moon

Cover art by Miranda Lorikeet
Insert by Trent Pollard
Additional DOOM jacket by Father Superior