5 acts from Victoria we’re really digging right now

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we scour the depths of Australia and New Zealand to bring you some raw talent as part of our Needle in the Hay vinyl competition.

The quality of Victoria’s musical output is well documented. It seems an incredible new Victorian band emerges every few minutes (well, maybe not currently, but you get the point), so keeping track of every great new VIC band is pretty difficult — especially when you live in a different state.  So, if you couldn’t be arsed trudging through mounds of new music on triple j unearthed, we’ve collected five of the state’s best.

Photo: Chelsea King

We’re looking all over Australia and New Zealand, giving one artist the chance to press their single to vinyl. Here are 5 artists from Victoria we’re digging.

Pinch Points

Pinch Points are awesome. After being lambasted for missing them at BIGSOUND, I finally caught them live for the first time at Golden Plains, just days before the country was plunged into lockdown. Ah, Golden Plains. That was probably the last great weekend I had before this nightmare took hold, so Pinch Points will forever hold a special place in my heart. True nostalgia.

The Melbourne quartet belt out sharp and dry, Eddy Current-style post-punk. With harsh guitar stabs and infectious gang vocals, each song is charmingly direct. There’s no bullshit; it’s all laid clean out in front of you. Check out their debut album below.

Dr Sure’s Unusual Practise

With his newest project Dr Sure’s Unusual Practise, the crazed musical mind of Melbourne’s Dougal Shaw ventures further into the world of wonky, idiosyncratic sounds. Adopting the persona of some manic medical professional, every new tune coming out of Dr Sure’s camp is brilliantly bizarre.

Their most recent single Super Speedy Zippy Whipper is a showcase of everything that makes the band great. They’ll be performing as part of our new online gig series Pyjama Jam tomorrow night, and word on the street is they might have a new single out before then… keep your eyes peeled.


There aren’t too many bands kicking around as dynamic and commanding as HEXDEBT. Amazing band name aside, the four-piece craft huge, droning slices of post-punk that feel equal parts raw and carefully crafted. With brutal, unapologetic vocal delivery and darkly melodic instrumentation, their music is bursting at the seams with furious energy.

Their debut album Rule Of Four was one of the best Aussie records to come out of last year. Give it a listen below.

Bitch Diesel

Self-described as “a couple of broads chasing down fame and fortune in a liquor-infused haze,” Bitch Diesel make demonic post-glam (oh yeah) that’ll smack you right across the head. They’ve spent the past number of years releasing a string of consistently great singles, establishing themselves as one of Melbourne’s most beloved acts.

If you’re looking for a new favourite band, check out these champions.


After jamming in the ether for a semi-millennia, the stars have finally aligned, and Bananagun have graced us with their groove-laden vintage psych sounds. Featuring members of the Frowning Clouds (RIP) and Parsnip, the band are something of a Melbourne supergroup, and have made quite an impression with only a small handful of singles.

If ever you’re in the mood for a dance, give these guys a spin. Their exotic, retro rhythms are sure to get you moving.

Needle In The Hay is a vinyl competition targeting the next generation of exciting musical talent across Australia. Find out all the details and enter here.