5 boutique magazines you need in your life

Often when I’ve told people that Happy is launching a magazine I’m met by the same quizzical look. “Why? Aren’t magazines dying out?” Sure, print has been long heralded as a dying medium, but that doesn’t mean there are some great ones out there that are both entertaining and relevant in our contemporary media landscape. We know from experience that putting together a music magazine is a daunting task. There’s plenty of blood, sweat and tears involved, and that’s even before you get to writing the articles. There are a few other boutique magazines out there who have done a pretty great job, so when you’re not flicking through Happy Mag give these ones a go too.


5 great boutique magazines

This is a magazine dedicated to redheads. No, really. Everything in this MC1R revolves around gingers. Founded in 2014 by Tristan Rodgers, the mag covers topics that range from editorial on contemporary art and fashion, interviews with musicians and designers, as well as coverage of daily life and news. There’s a strong focus on individuality in MC1R, which is it’s greatest strength.

The Believer

5 great boutique magazines

A five time National Magazine Award finalist, The Believer is a bi-monthly collection on arts, literature and culture. If you love your long form interviews and book reviews that are intimately honest then this is the publication for you. Not to mention they feature a revolving door of talented illustrators and poets.

Radio Silence

5 great boutique magazines

Published twice a year, Radio Silence is a bi-annual magazine that looks and feels more like a light novel. One of the most unique voices in the field of music and literature, Radio Silence accumulates the best from their multiple platforms to deliver interviews, fiction, poetry, memoirs, essays, and illustrations.

Works That Work

5 great boutique magazines

This is cool. Really cool. Works That Work is all about finding unique designs and shining a spotlight on them. Featuring original content geared towards an international audience, the mag looks to make you perceive objects in a way you normally wouldn’t. You don’t have to be a design nut to appreciate this one.

Kill Screen

5 great boutique magazines

Kill Screen is a pretty nifty mag covering all things video game arts and culture. It’s not just game walk-throughs and gaming tips. Articles cover not just games, but how it intersects with culture, arts, music and design. This isn’t just one for the gamers, it’s a fascinating insight into an industry that may hold more interest than you may have thought.

Happy Mag is now available with Courtney Barnett on the cover and issue # 2 is almost here! You can subscribe by clicking this link.