5 costume ideas for taking your Secret Garden outfit to warp speed

Nobody really needs an excuse to dress up like you’re travelling across galaxies on an intergalactic adventure. But if you’re looking for one, it’s here; Secret Garden Festival have dropped their Friday dress-up theme and it’s a damn fine one.

The theme is… Disco On A Spaceship!

secret garden costumes

Blow the dust off the many disco-on-a-spaceship-themed costumes we know you have because on the 22nd of February next year, you’re going to need them.

Secret Garden Festival is our favourite 48-hour forest disco. It’s only an hour and a half out of Sydney, you can camp for free, craft beers are only seven bucks AND the organisers donate all the profits from the weekend to charities. It’s a wholesome affair!

Think statement hair, go-go boots, nylon (either a lot or not that much) and heaps of (eco-friendly) glitter. You’re going to look wonderful, but we’ve curated a costume list just in case you’re stressing and need some inspiration.

DJ Ruby Rhod

The Fifth Element is a treasure trove of costume ideas, but we’re backing DJ Ruby Rhod’s incredible leopard-print get-up matched with that hairspray-heavy funnelled hair-do.

For that bonus steeze, start prepping your performance of Ruby Rap.

Ziggy Stardust

No disco-on-a-spaceship-themed party would be complete without at least one cosplayed Ziggy Stardust. Bowie’s most iconic look happens to be the most space-savvy, and if you’re dragging a harem of mates to Secret Garden, you can even dress them as the Spiders From Mars.

Red vinyl platform boots, a striped jumpsuit and a big forehead moon. It’s too easy.

Star Girls

Think early 2000s bubblegum pop for children, or the show that you had entirely forgotten until right now. All you’ll need are bright two-piece nylon suits with space buns and go-go boots – all totally doable if you’re a DIY nut.

Simple. effective.

Raquel Welch – Space Girl Dance

Raquel Welch’s kitschy ’60s get-up is perfect for a night of non-stop moves on the dance floor. This is peak retro sci-fi, when everything was sexy, colourful, and completely bananas.

Her backup dancers look pretty good, too, but they look like they’re going to get pretty hot. Maybe try slightly less fabric if you’re going to recreate their look.


Jane Fonda as Barbarella is a costume party winner. All you need is some sheer tights, a white leotard, some duct tape and a toy gun. Again, this one is definitely a do-it-yourself job with a steady hand and the right materials.

Soon, you too can be the ultimate ’60s intergalactic space warrior.


Secret Garden Festival takes place on February 22 and 23 at the Downes Family Farm, 90 minutes from Sydney. Get your tickets here.