5 energy drinks to get you through your next gaming session

All-nighters raiding, levelling, and grinding in your favourite video game can be a common occurrence but also very taxing. Check out our list of top energy drinks to get you through the night!

Casual and hardcore gamers alike have all experienced a solid mind-numbing session with their favourite video game. It could be a brand new game, a midnight release of an expansion, or Candy Crush is keeping you busy on the toilet.

Regardless, how you fuel your body is crucial to make sure you can last through the night but also not suffer the horrendous crash that most experience afterwards. Curse you, caffeine! Join us as we explore the top drinks you need to add to your shopping list to perform your best.

Image: kanguru.com.au


From Australian ophthalmologist and surgeon, Dr David Kitchen, Kanguru is pitched as a vitality drink with real, tangible benefits. After producing 1,982 samples, Dr Kitchen finally created what Kanguru is today.

Kanguru, among other ingredients, contains taurine to combat stress, guarana as a stimulant, Korean Red ginseng for improved cognition, and Yerba Mate to help with energy production in the body. Kanguru also contains no added sugar and natural sources of caffeine from the variety of botanicals included. If this product sounds like what you need, check it out now!

kanguru energy drinks
Image: Kanguru

Doctor V: Brain Storm

Caffeine can have pretty horrible effects on the body. Things like jitters or a restless leg constantly bouncing are only going to make gaming more difficult. Gamers want to perform to the best of their ability and that’s what Doctor V: Brain Storm is offering.

Brain Storm contains a number of nootropic ingredients designed to bring you to your peak. Nootropics, such as pine extract, improve memory, increase mental alertness and concentration as well as boost energy levels and wakefulness. These ingredients along with wild berries and ginseng make an all-natural energy drink to fight the hordes throughout the night!

Doctor V Brain Storm
Image: Brain Storm energy drink / Doctor V

Doctor V: Bender Mender

You’ve gone hard all night and you start to see the sun peaking over the horizon. You’re starting to crash from the regular energy drinks but you need to go to work. Though initially proposed for a different sort of night, you could surely use a Doctor V: Bender Mender.

Bender Mender contains a number of ingredients categorised as adaptogenic which aid in recovery to prepare you for the day. Adaptogens, such as Schisandra, help your body respond to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Designed by Melbourne based doctors and naturopaths, fatigue is something you’re unlikely to be experiencing thanks to this one.

Doctor V Bender Mender
Image: Bender Mender energy drink / Doctor V


Now don’t get too excited about +Hemp. It doesn’t contain any Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC so you’re not going to experience any psychoactive effect. Derived from the seeds of certain Cannabis sativa varieties, +Hemp is designed to enhance your hydrate and health.

The organically grown hemp, combined with green tea extract, guarana and taurine, creates a gluten-free, vegan-friendly drink for consumers. +Hemp is caffeine-free but not to worry, the naturally occurring ingredients will help with brain function and maintain constant energy levels throughout your session.

Image: +Hemp


The existence of Shine+ came about to combat the existence of “bad energy”; at least that’s what the website says. It also refers to beating hearts in the night club so I think we all know what it’s referring to.

Shine+ is a nootropic energy drink which means it contains a number of ingredients that fall under the category of “cognitive enhancers”. Shine is a drink like no other. Instead of giving you an unmanageable surge of energy, it optimises the use of current energy stores to help you get the job done!

shine drink
Image: Shine+ energy drink / Shine+