5 excellent new games that have nothing to do with the world ending

As the noise on the radio and chatter on the news reach cacophonous new heights the easiest thing to do is to sign off with some tried and true escapism. While we shouldn’t disregard COVID-19 as a threat, it’s just as important not to focus on matters of the grim. Plus, there’s a bunch of awesome new games out!

Delve into a world of awe and wonder with 5 incredible new games that are absolutely, 100%, not cataclysmic.Untitled goose game

Afraid of the worlds end? So are we. Check out these incredible new games that have absolutely nothing to do with the apocalypse.

Untitled Goose Game – Out Now
PS4, XBX 1, Switch, Mac OSX, PC

As if geese weren’t terrifying enough right? Now you can put yourself in the webbed feet of these pondside pillagers and wreak virtual havoc on an unsuspecting English village. The art design is whimsical yet endearing, making what would otherwise be your run of the mill simulator a pleasant journey of morally questionable actions.

What turns geese into vandals? What spurs the diabolical hearts of these birdy brigands? All will be revealed in Untitled Goose Game. Have a laugh below:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Out Now
Nintendo Switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the latest entry in the beloved life simulator and it looks to be more colourful and wholesome than ever. Players can explore desert islands in the charming social 3D world. If you’re worried about the world’s end amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, then Animal Crossing: New Horizons will absolutely quell your doubts.

This engrossing, expansive, and idyllic game is what everyone in the world needs right now as they self-isolate from the terrifying outside. Play it on the Switch today, though you may not want to be travelling too far.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Out Now
XBX1, Windows

The follow up to 2015’s highly acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest is finally here and it delivers on all accounts. Ori and the Will of the Wisps features, dare I say it, has even more amazing art direction than the original. Still following in the Metroidvania style of scrolling platformers it looks to be an enveloping treat for the senses that pulls at all the right heartstrings.

In tune with troubles of today, Ori, the shimmering white guardian spirit, finds itself in a twisted forest of haunts and darkness. A heartwarming, yet somewhat melancholic tale that will instantly whisk you away.

Pokémon Sword and Shield – Out Now
Nintendo Switch

You know the drill. An amazing Pokémon adventure, a string of gyms to beat, an insidious corporation with clumsy twinlike spokespeople. Yet this time it’s a gorgeously realised 3D open-world adventure, loosely based on the idyllic English countryside and bustling with various futuristic metropoles. Widely recognised as the closest Pokémon game to ever be perfect, this is the opportune way to jump into a new world completely different to this one.

Whether you’re cooking soup for your Pokémon by a campfire, or journeying through the wild with your closest marsupial friends, this game goes the distance to warm you up and the brilliant Pokémon design will have you coming back for more.

Dreams – Out Now

Easily one of the most unique games to emerge in recent times, Dreams is a creative platform for the soul. You can create, modify, and play absolutely anything you can imagine – or are capable of crafting.

Dreams essentially has two branching sections. DreamShaping: where you are the architect of your own imagination, and DreamSurfing: where you can play through other people’s minigames, the contents of which are next to limitless. Additionally, there is a two-hour campaign called Art’s Dream designed by developers Media Molecule using the exact same tools available to players. They don’t cut any corners.

Dreams is the perfect landscape for anyone looking to drop into a plethora of beautifully realised minigames or try their hand at game design. Double whammy!