Come Together In Isolation: four positive news stories from today

Whilst the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to deepen, we increasingly hear stories of people banding together and helping each other out, as well as positive news. We’d like to bring that to you.

Here’s a round-up of the most recent stories, around the world and right here at home.

come together in isolation, coronavirus

We’re bringing you some of the most positive news and heartwarming stories during the time of coronavirus, from around the world and right here at home.

Tomorrow Bandcamp are donating all profits to artists

Have you been thinking about buying some new music? Tomorrow is definitely the day to do it. For one day only, American music platform Bandcamp are giving all profits from purchases to artists in light of coronavirus. The platform is already pretty incredible as usually gives 80-85% of profits to artists, as opposed to something like iTunes where artists only get about 60%.

Given that many people are in isolation right now, purchasing new music is a great way to pass the time, whilst also supporting artists. Boom. Pick up an album from one of your favourites, or even better – discover something new. Bandcamp have extensive search functions which make discovering new music easy as hell. Head here for more information.

Zoos in Victoria are live-streaming their animals…

Yes, you heard that right. Zoos Victoria clearly have some forward thinkers on their team. Seeing as (probably) no one much is going to be visiting them, what with all the self-isolating going on, Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo have decided to set up some live camera streams. The streams are operating on four of their enclosures: penguins, giraffes, snow leopards, and lions.

Admittedly, the animals do a lot of sleeping and sometimes they’re not even in camera view, but the live-stream is strangely calming. Check out the Snow Leopard stream below, and head over to the Zoos Victoria website to watch the rest of the animals doing their thing to your heart’s content.

Tom Hanks has given an update on his situation

Tom Hanks, one of the earliest Hollywood celebrities to contract coronavirus, (and the man who beat all odds to become one of 128 people in Australia to have the virus out of a population of 25 million), has reported that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, are on the mend.

Hanks joked that whilst being in isolation, Wilson has beaten him in 6 straight hands of Gin Rummy, winning by 201 points. Hanks also revealed that when he first travelled to Australia, he brought along his Corona typewriter, which is just a strange coincidence all round… Check out the post below.

Netflix Party might come in handy if you’re in isolation

Whilst it’s been around for a while, Netflix Party just became a whole lot more useful. A Google Chrome extension, it allows you to synchronise your video playback with other users and remotely watch the same thing. This means that you can watch the *same* movie at the *same* time as someone else, whilst being in isolation. The feature also includes a group chat where you can share real-time comments on whatever you’re watching.

Whilst it doesn’t have quite the same ambience as a date, it’s social distancing’s next best thing. Head here for more info.