16 games like Stardew Valley where you can build your personal paradise

Stardew Valley leaves people yearning for more. Unfortunately, the game’s unique character means there aren’t many games like Stardew Valley. This list compiles the best options for gamers looking to discover something similarly alluring.

Stardew Valley won a legion of fans by combining farming, light RPG mechanics, and a socialising system that is simple, yet affecting. These gameplay elements combine with the relaxing energy of the game to create something that is largely inimitable. Games like Stardew Valley simply don’t come along every harvest.

Despite this, there are always options. We have created this list, laid the foundation if you will, to help you find a few more games like Stardew Valley. We will try to highlight which Stardew Valley elements are most relevant to each suggestion; meaning that you can hone in on what you enjoyed the most. So without further delay, here is our list of games that offer customisation and creation, an interesting world to explore, and the ability to make some cute new friends.

stardew valley

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is as close to a game like Stardew Valley as you are likely to find. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to muse it is pretty much Stardew Valley transformed into 3D. The 3D world is lovely to look at too, with a similarly cute cartoonish art style. In this world you will be able to farm crops, build a town, and meet a cast of eccentric, yet friend locals.

Despite this it’s not all peace, flowers, and friends. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, which on the one hand means there is a lot of free space to build. However, on the other, it means that there are some nasty monsters and perilous dungeons that need to be taken care of. Don’t worry though, it never gets too dark or scary and it is through this system that you can gather new materials and character upgrades.

While not as original as Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia does a good job filling the void that many have so keenly felt since putting down that classic. So if it’s a straight swap you are looking for, minus the 16-bit art style, look no further than My Time at Portia.

Platforms: Switch, PS4, plus Xbox One and Windows via Game Pass.

Graveyard Keeper

Ok, so don’t be turned off by the title and hear me out. From a mechanics point of view, this game is like Stardew Valley from top to bottom. And if the 3D nature of My Time at Portia turned you off, then this could be the game for you.

You will be tasked with managing a graveyard; so scrubbing graves, tending to the dead, growing food, and gathering alchemy materials are all in your job description. And while you probably saw this coming, the dead may rise from time to time and you will need to tend to that too.

Graveyard Keeper essentially performs a resurrection spell on Stardew Valley. The mechanics are all pretty much the same. It’s just that what once was bright and full of life has developed a bit of a limp; and is edging towards you with a most peculiar blank expression etched across its face. It’s perfect for Stardew Valley fans that can still vibe out with something that is morbid in a fun-loving way.

Platforms: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, Macintosh OS, Android.


Kynseed is a gorgeous little indie game that isn’t actually all that little; in a sense it’s never ending. Imagine a game like Stardew Valley where the years go by at a faster pace. You will still farm your fields, set up shops, have adventures, and gather supplies. However in Kynseed you can get married, have children, and then pass away. Or rather, pass into your children. Welcome to the world’s first reincarnation simulator!

The game, developed by a team that previously worked on the Fable series, is inspired by British folklore. This mysterious sandbox world and its appealing retro graphics help differentiate the game from other Stardew Valley-like titles. There are ancient goddesses to seek favour from, dark faery tale creatures to do battle with, and outlandish illnesses to catch… and hopefully cure.

This fantastical world, and the cross-generational storytelling, make for a unique experience that is not only similar to Stardew Valley, but offers something worthwhile on its own terms.

Platforms: Windows.


Forager is a relatively new addition to the genre of idle games that is available on pretty much every platform. It is known for its quicker pace; making it perfect for jumping in and out of while you journey to and from work.

The art style is plenty adorable and recalls the original Pokemon games on the Nintendo Gameboy. You play as a spritely little character that approximates a pick-axe wielding marshmallow.

Because of the game’s faster, action-oriented gameplay, there is less focus on open-ended storytelling, socialising, and a calming atmosphere. So perhaps give this one a miss if those were the aspects of Stardew Valley that you appreciated most.

Platforms: Android, Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Windows, Linux.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing is also an option for Stardew Valley fans that are looking for something a little different. At a glance, it can be a little intimidating how many versions and editions there are. However, the open-ended gameplay allows you to focus on exactly what you feel like doing. You can plant some crops, search for items, or just chill out with the anthropomorphic villagers that populate the game.

The newest version of Animal Crossing is currently only available on Nintendo Switch. However, with over 31 million copies sold, it might just about be worth the investment to join the party.

Platforms: Switch.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

The Story of Seasons series is the spiritual successor to the iconic Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon was a huge influence on Stardew Valley, pioneering the laidback combination of making friends and getting your farm on. Therefore, it would be a great choice… if it weren’t for the fact that it came out in 1996.

Hence, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is the most convenient place to start. It’s a game like Stardew Valley, albeit with a more cartoonish, child-oriented atmosphere.

Platforms: Switch, Windows.

Farming Simulator 19

This one might be seem a bit dry for the majority of Stardew Valley fans. That said, a hard day’s work does foster a mighty fine sense of accomplishment. If you regularly found yourself too anxious to venture into the caves and do battle with the nasties, then Farming Simulator 19 could be the game for you.

You can pick between a European or American climate (sorry Australians, drought isn’t available) which is cool. All your favourite real tractor brands are available, and I have it on good authority that the Komatsu vehicles really shred.

So jump right into Farming Simulator 19! Or plant a tree. I don’t know guys.

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, Mac OS, Google Stadia.

The Sims 4

Do you sometimes get tired of farming? Does your desire to explore dangerous caves sometimes drain away? Do you ever wish that the townsfolk would stop their schtick and just do what you tell them to?

Well boy do we have the game for you. Don’t think of this as a betrayal. Think of this as a holiday. The fields of Stardew Valley will still be there when you return.

The Sims 4 could be a fun option for players that want to step away from the macro elements of games like Stardew Valley and focus on the finer details of life. Until The Sims 5 comes out, that is.

Platforms: PS4, Mac, plus Xbox One and PC via Game Pass.


Moonlighter has a nice narrative component that raises the stakes, while simultaneously differentiating itself from the pack of other farming/life simulators.

You play as Will, a charming enough shopkeeper that tends to his wares during the day. However, at night he succumbs to his innermost desire to transform into an adventuring hero.

This little plot point provides motivation for the game’s management/adventure interplay. For example, you need to manage your store well so you can afford a better weapon, which will enable you to progress further into a dungeon, which will in turn provide you with more interesting wares to sell in your store. It is an elegant loop that is addictive and rewarding.

Platforms: PS4, Switch, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, plus PC and Xbox via Game Pass.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Mix two parts Zelda with one part Stardew Valley and have yourself a delicious little fondant of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. The atmosphere and world lean harder into the Zelda vibe, which is definitely not a bad thing. Put simply, the game is a pleasure to behold.

As you journey through the open world collecting supplies and magical creatures, you will witness the seasons change in a wonderful fashion. The day/night cycle is also a key component of the game, with certain times being best for certain activities. Speaking of which; farming, fishing, and crafting all play an important role in the game.

It should be noted that Yonder’s management component is on the lighter side, and socialising isn’t really what the game is focused on. However, Stardew Valley fans that particularly loved the calming atmosphere and interactions with nature should take a look.

Platforms: PS4, PS5, Windows, Switch, Xbox One.


Minecraft is a classic, endlessly diverse game that can be just about anything you want it to be. It’s up to you whether you want to fear for your life in survival mode or take to creative mode for a more relaxed experience akin to Stardew Valley.

If you’re all about planting crops, tending to farm animals and developing your village, that’s exactly what you can spend your time doing on Minecraft. It doesn’t have to be all zombies and creepers – it can simply be a peaceful place to exist, explore, and shape your world to be exactly how you want it.

If you play on PC, there’s even a modpack called Farming Valley that you can download to turn Minecraft into a farming simulator that resembles Stardew Valley more closely. With the mod, you can plant and water seasonal crops, sell goods via a shipment box, and even recruit NPCs to help you build a town from nothing, so it’s perfect for someone who can’t get enough of the virtual farm life.

Platforms: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS. Also available via Game Pass.


If Stardew Valley decided to release a collab with Pokémon, the result might look a little bit like Ooblets. It’s a farming and life simulator game with the addition of creature collection, brawling, and even some dance battles to keep it interesting.

The game begins in a rundown farm that you cultivate, improve and customise with the help of your growing collection of ‘ooblets’, which are insanely adorable cartoon creatures. It’s a remarkably wholesome, pastel-coloured take on the central farming, town development and socialising mechanics of Stardew Valley.

Bear in mind that Ooblets is the first release of new indie developers Gumerland and it’s still a work in progress, so the scope of activities is rather limited compared to Stardew Valley. Still worth a play if you can’t resist a gang of equally cute and wacky monsters to keep you company, though.

Platforms: Xbox One, Windows.

World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn might be the closest match you can find to Stardew Valley, at its core. This life simulator by Wayward Prophet is directly inspired by Harvest Moon, letting players enjoy life in the colourful, seaside Sugar Blossom Village. It’s just as whimsical as it sounds.

The mechanics and goals are all going to feel familiar to Stardew Valley fans – expect to spend time fostering relationships with villagers, harvesting and selling crops, and working to bring a sad, tired village back to life.

It’s a little rough around the edges, with an outdated 4:3 ratio and lack of much originality, but World’s Dawn is full of vibrant social interactions with plenty of quirky townsfolk. This charming RPG is the perfect choice if you don’t want to stray too far from the classic formula of life and farming simulations.

Platforms: Windows.

Voodoo Garden

If you take Stardew Valley and dial down the mechanics a few notches, you could end up with something like Voodoo Garden. You’d also have to throw in a dash of dark magic, though.

This simplified farming simulator is all about growing a beautiful garden, with the ingredients you harvest being used for recipes including a whole lot of voodoo potions. If you enjoy Stardew Valley‘s relaxing atmosphere, this could be the game for you, with its simple clicker mechanics being perfect for casual gameplay.

It’s a delightfully simple game that offers a charming way to pass the time or keep your restless fingers engaged while watching Netflix. The occult aspect also gives Voodoo Garden an interesting twist, with fun elements like helper spirits that can tend to your garden when it’s not raining (because ghosts are scared of rain, I guess).

Platforms: Windows.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher takes the traditional tale of farming simulators like Stardew Valley and gives it one very messy twist. I’m sure you can guess it from the title – instead of classic livestock, you’re farming slime.

From a conventional origin story of a protagonist being gifted a property to take over, the action-adventure game quickly takes a turn towards the absurd, as you breed adorable, bouncy Slimes and harvest plorts (translation: their poop) to trade on the stock market. While a farming game at its core, Slime Rancher expands its horizons more into action territory as challenges threaten to destroy the central rancher’s dreams.

The action, lack of focus on relationships, and involvement of wacky creatures come together to quite obviously differentiate Slime Rancher from simulators like Stardew Valley that are a bit closer to real life. If you’re interested in more of a cute and crazy farming adventure, this might be the one for you.

Platforms: PS4, Windows, Mac OS.

Sun Haven

Sun Haven is what you might get if you tried to crosspollinate one of the many games like Stardew Valley with a high fantasy setting.

You can spend your time farming, fishing, cooking, socialising, gathering resources and adventuring. However, unlike Stardew Valley, Sun Haven allows you to play as one of seven playable races:  Human, Demon, Elf, Angel, Elemental, Naga, and Amari (animal race).

During your time in Sun Haven you will gradually acquire more skills and strength – allowing you to progress through a main storyline that eventually leads to a confrontation (although not necessarily a violent one!) with the game’s main baddie.