ScoMo conveniently bans media during Lismore visit after being roasted by press

The Prime Minister is visiting the flood victims of Lismore but has been copping shit from media since his arrival.

Of course, he would’ve probably copped it worse if he didn’t go at all, I actually almost feel sorry for the bloke.

Almost, but not really.

In a wild demonstration of his power, Scotty got fed up and told everyone to stop filming his awkward encounters as flood victims questioned him.

Of course, Scott Morrison wasn’t going to go around doing what could be perceived as a good deed without someone watching so naturally, he was accompanied by his personal photographer.

Morrison has since explained his decision to ban the media from filming his Lismore visit.

“In these disasters not everybody wants a camera shoved in their face while they’re trying to share their heart with you,”

“So I came up here to listen to them and what they are going through and to understand what was needed for their primary production business or their local paint business or those householders themselves about what was needed to ensure that we can get this town back on its feet.”