‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ is the next-gen ‘Stardew Valley’

Disney Dreamlight Valley looks to be the game your inner (or actual) child has been waiting for. We take a look at the upcoming life sim game from Disney.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been announced, and boy o’ boy does it look like it’s going to start a storm. Featuring an impressive selection of Disney’s most iconic characters, this is the kind of game that could take over.

Currently, all we have to go on is a short trailer, but in that trailer, you get a strong sense of what the game is going to be.

disney dreamlight valley buzz
Image: Disney Dreamlight Valley / Gameloft Montreal

The gameplay looks like a highly-polished take on popular life simulation games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. However, the game will differ in a number of subtle yet important ways.

According to the trailer and attached promotional material, you will have a bunch of diverse tasks to perform. These include making friends, going on adventures, cooking, crafting and redecorating.

disney farming game
Image: Disney Dreamlight Valley / Gameloft Montreal

The narrative setup seems tailor-made to introduce all of these tasks. You come to the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, a town populated by classic Disney heroes and villains. Unfortunately, though, the town has fallen prey to some sort of mysterious ‘darkness’ that stops everyone from being their jolly selves.

But don’t let that bum you out – in no time at all, your player avatar (which is customisable) and friends will get to turn things back around. As you progress and make new discoveries, the game world will expand and change for the better.

The game’s hub world is also customisable, meaning you will be able to build structures and make alterations to suit your preferences.

new disney game
Image: Disney Dreamlight Valley / Gameloft Montreal

Honestly, the game looks like the first next-generation life sim, and how you feel about that will depend on how you feel about the games that started the craze.

So far, we can confirm that characters from Frozen, Toy Story, Moanna, The Little Mermaid, Wall-E, The Lion King, Wreck-It Ralph, Lilo & Stitch, Ratatouille and Beauty & the Beast will appear in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. This is on top of the classic Disney crew (Mickey, Mini, Goofy etc.).

Disney Dreamlight Valley is scheduled for release in 2023. However, players who pre-purchase the game will be able to have early access in 2022 (PS4 and PS5 only). For more details, click here.