Christina Aguilera talks about how video games saved her

Pop sensation Christina Aguilera recently partnered with Nintendo for a virtual event that saw her racing through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe courses while talking about the importance of gaming.

The connection between Christina Aguilera and Mario Kart might not be solid in your mind, but during an event this week, she proved us all wrong.

During the virtual event that showcased some new remastered Mario Kart tracks, Aguilera had the opportunity to talk about her love for video games, how important they are to her, and how much of a Mario veteran she is.

This isn’t something new if you’ve been following her across her social media. Between promotional imagery and pictures of her creative process, Aguilera shares gaming sessions with her children, Summer and Max. She has also showcased some of her talents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

christina aguilera mario
Image: Christina Aguilera Mario themed birthday party

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Christina commented on video games, saying: “They were such a part of my childhood,”.

She discussed Mario Kart on the NES, saying she was “always raised on Nintendo” and remembered “back when you only had pretty much two or three characters to choose from.”. It was a simpler time.

Aguilera continued to discuss her childhood, saying: “it’s not just about gaming and it being just a fun game; you really get into the competitiveness of it,” and that “It leads to so much laughter.

christina aguilera mario kart
Image: Christina Aguilera playing Mario Kart with her family / Nintendo

During the interview, Aguilera started to talk about her touring, saying: “there’s a lot of anxiety sometimes that comes with that and performance pressure,“.

When on tour and on the road, Christina frequently uses her Nintendo Switch to decompress but apparently, her gaming station was previously a lot more involved.

I literally had a road case that was set up with a television inside of it that you could unlock in the concert venues or arenas, and [it] had a whole Nintendo set up in it,” she said.

christina aguilera nintendo
Image: Christina Aguilera playing on her Nintendo Switch with family / Nintendo

Aguilera finished talking about how important video games are to her, saying that gaming is “extra special” to her and her family, especially her children.

She finished by saying: “I know they’re going to be able to carry these nostalgic memories with them through their lives, and hopefully pass [them] down to their kids.

This is a beautiful message around shared gaming experiences and one that we support. We bet that Aguilera can’t wait to get her hands on Mario Kart 9!