Move over Pornhub: there’s a plague of sex-crazed zombie cicadas on the way

The summer of cicadas has returned, resurfacing in the US after a 17-year hibernation.

But these are not your average cicadas. Thanks to a hallucinogenic fungus called Massospora cicadina, they are zombie-like, sex-obsessed cicadas who no longer have any genitals. Almost sounds worse than the sex-crazed monkeys in Thailand, right?


Invading cicadas who are returning to the US after a 17-year hibernation may turn into sex-obsessed zombies, thanks to a genital eating fungus.

Cicadas have an extremely fascinating life cycle that involves going underground for 13 or 17 years, depending on the species, to avoid the dangers posed by predators. They then ascend in unison, all coming out together because, obviously, there’s strength in numbers.

Unfortunately, though, their mechanisms for protecting themselves seem to have fallen short. Scientists in West Virginia have uncovered more information about the fungus which invades the cicada and causes their abdomen to slide off.

After this, the insects are driven into a zombie-like, sex-crazed state backed by the chemical compound cathinone (also known as “bath salts“) and psilocybin, the substance in magic mushrooms. The result? “Flying saltshakers of death” as one of the researchers puts it.

Though there have been no reported sightings of the zombie cicadas yet, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled over the next month. If you live in the US, prepare yourselves for The Walking Dead: cicada edition.