5 of the best books for our legendary mums

Mother’s Day is upon us again. Though most good kids spoil their mums everyday, special occasions such as this require the bringing out of the big guns. That usually means a lovingly prepared breakfast in bed, plus a damn good book.

Here’s our 5 picks to get you in the good books this Mother’s Day.

That’s right. It’s that special time of the year when we celebrate our legendary mums in all their glory. Here are the titles that caught our eye. Just the thing to compliment that breakfast in bed.

On Mother by Sarah Ferguson

Veteran ABC journalist Sarah Ferguson reflects on the presence that’s guided her through an adventurous life. Visit Melbourne University Press for more details.

Kindred by Kirli Saunders

A poignant poetry collection that addresses love, connection, loss and the role of Earth as a healer. Head over to Magabala Books for more info.

The Sparkle Pages by Meg Bignell

A comic rollercoaster ride through the life of Susannah Parks – a busy mum and viola virtuoso, desperate to reconnect with herself in the face of a banal family life. Via Penguin.

The Department of Sensitive Crimes: a Detective Varg Novel by Alexander McCall Smith

A Scandinavian detective novel, but very much not of the “Nordic Noir” genre. Available through Hachette Australia.

Teen Brain by David Gillespie

Can anyone understand the teenage brain? Here are some wise words to help mum navigate this eternal quandary. Learn more at Pan Macmillan.