Kodiak Kid’s debut EP Drifting Status is an epic sonic journey

Back in April, when Melbourne producer Kodiak Kid released his music video for To The Point, we were immediately immersed in his boundless electronic sounds. For the past number of years now, he has been establishing himself as one of Aussie bass music’s leading artists.

Now, with the release of his debut EP Drifting Status, Kodiak Kid’s status in the national music community has been cemented. If you’re not already familiar with this name, we strongly recommend you change that now.

Melbourne-based producer Kodiak Kid’s debut EP will pull you through myriad sonic territories, leaving you completely spell-bound.

Throughout the new EP, Kodiak Kid glides through a sweeping concoction of sounds, calling back to a variety of eras and places. The EP’s opening track To The Point is dark and expansive, pulling you into a distant sonic universe. On The World He Knew, Melbourne MC Mantra’s effortless vocal delivery blends seamlessly with the rich, textured production.

Too Hot is a lush, hallucinatory, dub-inspired number that will transport you to another place altogether. The sweeping string arrangements of Gangster Cinematic then pull you into a dark musical underground, complete with glitchy synths and heartbeat-like percussion.

By the time the EP’s orchestral closing track Dark Eyes reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been hypnotised completely by Kodiak Kid’s immersive sounds.

This may only be his debut EP, but Kodiak Kid has already built himself as an artist to watch. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait long to hear what he delivers next. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.

While you’re at it, check out his new video for The World He Knew below: