5 pieces of sage advice from Pretty City about SXSW

We all get pretty jealous when we see bands taking departure lounge selfies with the caption “On the way to SXSW. Drinking beers” just as the Aussie Summer is coming to a close, and this year was no exception. But now that all the fun is over, we’re allowed the chance to pick the brains of those select few who get over to Austin about the mythical festival. For Pretty City, 2016 was the year of their maiden voyage to the festival and like good little first-timers, they learned a few lessons which they’ve been kind enough to share with us all.

pretty city SXSW

Texan Uber drivers, vintage denim jackets and playing the biggest showcase festival in the world. Lessons learned at SXSW with rock ‘n’ roll sweethearts, Pretty City

# 1 – Rock The Fuck Out

Righto, Pretty City Lesson Number One For Thriving At SXSW – GET INTO IT! This is Texas people, they ride uncontrollable bulls for fun here. A bit of punk-rock attitude is well and truly in order. A muted Tuesday evening performance ain’t going to cut it, you need to move the audience and push the boundaries. This is just the general Pretty City attitude really, but SXSW highlighted it.
pretty city SXSW

# 2 – UBER Is Your Friend

UBER is your friend at SXSW! It’s super convenient and you’ll meet a bunch of cool Texans. Our UBER driver on day one ended up coming to our show at The Aussie BBQ and partying with us. Our second driver made us a video clip and came to three shows. This seems like a viable viral marketing tool, go UBER.
pretty city SXSW

# 3 – Savour The Silence

Savour the (rare) moments of silence. When you’re not playing or partying, try to realise what’s going on around you and take it in.
pretty city SXSW

#4 – Texas + Pretty City = Denim

Shop til you drop in between shows folks. Sure is a bunch of awful purdy vintage denim jackets along south Congress in Austin, Texas and it would be a shame not to try most of them on.

pretty city SXSW

# 5 – Play For The Camera

The press will come to your SXSW shows if you build some buzz, and when they do you pretty much want to behave like you’re Bon Jovi on a 1986 world tour. Luckily this is Johnny’s usual approach anyway, so SXSW was a perfect storm of jumping around, smashing through sets, meeting cool people and seeing how much incredible music exists around the world.
pretty city SXSW