5 places to get healthy snacks in Sydney… you know, for your mental wellbeing

We all know the scenario. You’re driving around on a weekend afternoon with a growl in your stomach and all you’ve got on your mind is grabbing a snack, but the only options are ones that will eat away at your conscience as you devour bite after bite. The feeling is always the same afterwards: shame and deep regret.

There are healthy eating options aplenty in Sydney, but finding ones that will satisfy you as much as hurling yourself headfirst into a dirty burger would is another story. So we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are 5 places to get delicious, healthy-snacks in Sydney… you know, for your mental wellbeing.

Looking for a tasty treat that’s good for your body and mind? We’ve rounded up 5 of the best healthy snack joints Sydney has to offer.

Nútie Donuts, Balmain

Located in Balmain, Nútie Donuts are the answer to any health-conscious snacker’s prayers. Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and (most importantly) unbelievably delicious, this is a treat you just cannot miss if you’re on that side of the city.

With a plethora of flavours ranging from rosewater to pistachio, to snickers to maple bacon, there is something for everyone at Nútie. They also take a great amount of pride in quality, and evoking a sense of joy and wonder through their food. Take a look below!

13 Beattie Street, Balmain

Check them out here.

Naked Foods, Newtown

With stores located around the country, Naked Foods is a seriously cool enterprise. Just walk in, grab a brown paper bag, scoop as many roasted nuts, carob buttons, raw chocolate or maca powder as you want into each, write their code on the bag and take it to the counter to be weighed.

All organic and unrefined, Naked Foods is about getting the customer closer to the source of their ingredients whilst also reducing packaging. Scooping not your thing? Try their home pressed nut butters, soaps and oils which you can use any recyclable container for from home.

Reasonably priced and with a novelty method of collecting, weighing and paying, Naked Foods is an experience in itself.

Naked Foods have stores all over Sydney. See their website for locations.

Check them out here.

South Dowling Sandwiches, Darlinghurst and Alexandria

Any sandwich fanatic in Sydney knows about South Dowling Sandwiches. Their fresh soft bread, delicious salads, perfectly matched ingredients and beautiful leafy Darlinghurst location makes their store a one-stop-shop for a meal which is ‘more than just a sandwich’.

Vegetarians rejoice at their smoky roasted capsicum, while the fresh tuna and capers melt in your mouth. The ham with tangy cheese and mustard will have you drooling for more. Next time you want some real food, with fast service and a convenient inner-city location, South Dowling Sandwiches is the perfect choice.

377 Sth Dowling St, Darlinghurst or Shop 42C, 110 Bourke Rd, Alexandria

Check them out here.

Two Chaps, Marrickville

If you venture to Marrickville and find yourself hungry, Two Chaps is the place to go for a vegetarian feed. Owners Piero Pignatti Morano and Richie Maxfield have combined cafe with warehouse, roasting their own coffee, baking their own bread and concocting delicious spicy chai brews – basically doing everything from scratch. This is a cafe with a rustic, homemade and friendly edge. Look out for imperfect pastries, crackling loaves of bread and slightly burned sticky brownies.

If you are looking for whole ingredients and homestyle, baked-from-scratch feed, that’s sustainable and delicious, then Two Chaps is where it’s at. They also recently branched out into pizza with their new vegetarian pizza restaurant Pizza Madre. There is no better time to check it out!

122 Chapel St, Marrickville

Check them out here.

About Life

The supermarket has been transformed. Like Naked Foods, About Life has spread from its Bondi Junction location to a bunch of locations across Sydney. With stores in Double Bay, Surry Hills and Cammeray to name a few, this is a healthy supermarket like no other.

With your usual fruit and veg, dried goods and frozen foods, nestled amongst the conventional is a glowing buffet of organic, fresh self-serve meals. Think bright colourful salads, raw vegan desserts, roasted vegetables with glittering sea salt and a huge selection of rice, pasta and meat dishes to choose from.

About Life caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner and their small cafe additions also provide delicious smoothies, fresh juices and cooked meals. It’s a cafe, self-serve eatery and supermarket all in one.

About Life has stores all over Sydney. Check out their website for more info.

Check them out here.