5 songs that inspired Selfish Lover, the newest single from Handles

It was just last week that Handles dropped their new single Selfish Lover, a soulful indie rock track that’s been earning them some serious love on Unearthed straight off the bat.

And it’s no surprise really, the track is as hot as they come. To find out a little more about it, we asked Handles for a few tracks that inspired the single.

handles selfish lover

Shimmering indie rock with an attitude to match: hear 5 tracks that inspired Selfish Lover from Cairns newcomers Handles.

The Jungle Giants – On Your Way Down

This song was a major influence for the percussive sounds you hear throughout the track. Especially the tambourine sound in the break down and the rim shots/stick clicks in the choruses.

The Church – Under The Milky Way

The acoustic start always hits home and is a great platform to build off. I tried to do this with Selfish Lover in a similar way with the acoustic guitar intro with guitar effects.

Gang of Youths – The Heart Is A Muscle

We tried to build a similar vibe in regards to when the song kicks off, it KICKS OFF. That is what Gang of Youths do with this track when the whole band comes in.

Maddy Jane – Thank You and Sorry

Some of the guitar effects in this song are similar to some of the guitar sounds we try to get out of our lead guitarist, Jordan, in the chorus. That wobbly yet straight sound.

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Tyrants

This, along with SO MANY Catfish and the Bottlemen songs have inspired some of the melodies and rhythms in my singing.


Listen to Handles’ new track Selfish Lover below.