7 Halloween songs to get the ghouls and ghosts swinging on the dance floor

The purpose for Halloween is a little muddled. Is it for ushering spirits into this world? A chance to expose your children to the horrors of diabetes and severe weight gain? Or is it purely for bastardising beloved characters from our childhood in order to make them ‘sexy’.  What we can agree on is that Halloween is always a good excuse to throw a rager, because there’s nothing better than rocking a mad costume with your buddies and having a beer.

Halloween songs Teen Sensations

A good party demands good music, so here are our picks for the 7 Halloween songs to play at your monster mash.

Nick Cave and the bad seeds – O’Malley’s Bar

Clocking in at 15 minutes this one is a whopper of a tune, and while it isn’t a floor filler it’s probably the scariest song here. An odyssey of murder and black humour, this is the track you want to play as your guests arrive to set the mood and just creep everyone out.

Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters

You can call it the Halloween version of the Macarena. Beloved for it’s nostalgia and the incredible film. It’s a great theme song (why don’t movies have those anymore?), but on it’s own it can be a little silly. After a few tinnies though? Pure gold.

Teen Sensations – Monster Beach Party

Everyone throws a standard Halloween party, but if you want to have a cool surf rock edge then this is the track you need. I mean “Welcome to my dance castle of the night” is an actual lyric, and no one has cooler party vibes than Jeremy Neale.

The Cure – Lullaby

What would a Halloween playlist be without old mate Robert Smith? The stories go if you say his name three times while looking in the mirror a lanky man with an Edward Scissorhands hairdo will appear and try romance you with mopey poetry.

The Flaming Lips – Halloween on the Barbary Coast

For that moment you realise that you’re a grown man in the bottom half of a horse costume. Never has “Boy you’ve still got shit for a brain” been more appropriate.

Backstreet Boys – Everybody

The party has a good vibe, everyone is mingling, the DF is swelling and then you drop this bad boy. Don’t lie and say you don’t know the words. We all do (There’s a total of seven really worth remembering).

Michael Jackson – Thriller