7 songs to make love to: a playlist by Uva Ursi

Words by Uva Ursi.

Isn’t sex the worst? If only there was a 7-song playlist curated by Melbourne’s most unknown neo-psychedelic alt-rock throuple to liven up the mood, so it’s not such a GODDAMN CHORE.

Well you’re in luck, because here at Uva Ursi, we care about our four fans and their sensual experiences! Don’t say we don’t give back!

uva ursi 7 songs to make love to
Photo: Alistair Green

Light a fire in that bedroom with Uva Ursi’s red-hot selections! Proudly presenting: 7 songs to make love to.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Silence Is Sexy (Strategies Against Architecture III, 2001)

This song is the post-punk industrial Krautrock version of your favourite ASMR video. Listen close through nice headphones as Blixa murmurs into your ear and smokes a cigarette. “Silence is Sexy, So Sexy”.

Blixa never says why silence is so sexy, but he does claim that it’s as sexy as death – which coming from almost anybody else would seem morbid at best, creepy at worst, but from Mr Bargeld it’s enough to make you want to take an ice-cold shower.

Idles – Well Done (Brutalism, 2017)

Be a team player! A little encouragement never hurt, and what better way to thank your sexual partner than have a punk from Bristol scream rage-fuelled, sarcastic congratulations at them.

WELL DONE. You’ve earned it!

The Kills – Doin It To Death (Ash & Ice, 2016)

Alison Mosshart. Do you understand?

Talking Heads – Creatures of Love (Little Creatures, 1985)

If oversized suits, sensible haircuts and herky jerky dancing get your motor going, then look no further than the Talking Heads for your aural stimulation. Here, David Byrne makes such bold claims as “I’ve seen sex, and it’s alright”. Ok Dave, settle down.

This song has basically the same meaning as the Bloodhound Gang’s The Bad Touch. You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping (Tubthumper, 1997)

Tubthumper? I barely even know her! But this song truly is the perfect soundtrack for tickling Satan. An anthem for not being a selfish lover.

Just remember that no one’s ever gonna keep you down.

Cherry Glazerr – Told You I’d Be With The Guys (Apocalipstick, 2017)

One of the sexiest guitar lines you will ever hear. 10/10. She BANGS.

Uva Ursi – Vertigo (Single, 2018)

Absolutely DO NOT make love to this song. Just don’t do it. We worked hard on it and quite like it though, so definitely try it on for size post-tumble while you’re smoking a menthol and gazing at the moon through white sheer curtains.


Uva Ursi’s new single Vertigo is out now.