PREMIERE: Uva Ursi channel the gothic and psychedelic in their new clip Vertigo

Melbourne trio Uva Ursi are coming in hot with a brand, spanking new video for their first single, Vertigo. Suffice it to say, we are already fan-girling over its neo-psychedelic, gothic vibes, honey-thick bass and “unapologetic” drums straddled with distinct, commanding vocals.

They may have only formed six months ago, but Uva Ursi kick some serious musical ass with a tightly-structured song that hooks you in right from the start with highly melodic verses and a catchy chorus.

Image from YouTube

Uva Ursi may have formed just six months ago, but Vertigo already shows them kicking some serious musical ass. We can’t stop fan-girling over the Melbourne three-piece and are too excited for their next single and upcoming LP.

Vertigo is an insatiable listen that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Keep an eye out on the Melbourne three-piece because they’re about to drop another single, as well as their debut LP, next year and we are already a little too excited.

The clip itself features some beautiful cinematography, as the three-piece take over a house and imbue it with their gothic vibes while Jaz Goodrich sings about chasing a thrill and seeking solace in solitude.

Keep an eye out on Uva Ursi because they’ll be heading nowhere but upwards over the next year.


Vertigo is out now and available on all streaming platforms.