Here's how you can become a part of Happy Mag Issue 10

Here’s how you can become a part of Happy Mag Issue 10

Happy Mag needs your help to re-launch in an all new format! In the face of just about every major music publication in the world abandoning print, we’re determined to carry the torch.

Help us keep the medium alive by playing your part in our biggest edition yet. Issue 10 will offer more room for quality music, art and culture content, beautiful imagery of your favourite artists and inspiring stories from the Aussie scene we all know and love.

happy mag issue 10 fundraiser kickstarter

Print is a special thing, a medium that we’re fighting passionately to keep alive. With Issue 10 we’re bringing you a bigger edition than ever before, and you’re invited.

We’re proposing to upsize the mag from its current A5 zine format into a beautifully crafted perfect bound magazine (180mm x 240mm, 100 pages). This is super exciting but we also face huge production costs to make this happen.

We’ll be so thankful if you can pledge your support to help us reach our $10,000 goal (half of what Issue 10 will cost us in total).

  • Your contribution will go solely to the production, manufacturing and distribution of 5,000 copies of the new mag.
  • We’ll be launching Issue 10 in February 2019 with a huge party featuring our favourite bands to say thanks! Find out more here.

happy mag issue 10 fundraiser kickstarter

On top of the usual programming, Issue 10 will also be Happy Mag’s first Drug Issue. Drugs are becoming as visible as ever in our everyday lives, but there is still so much the public doesn’t know. By speaking to doctors, politicians, artists and activists, Issue 10 aims to foster a safer, more conscious world when it comes to drugs.

Any person who pledges their support will get their name personally etched into Issue 10 and immortalised there. If you want to pre-order the mag, grab some merch, score a one-off print of the front cover art or check out the even juicier options, you can find all the info on the Issue 10 Kickstarter page.

happy mag issue 10 fundraiser kickstarter

For the first time ever, we’re also offering up a Happy Mag Golden Ticket. An access-all-areas pass like no other, the Golden Ticket will earn you a package containing everything we’ve done to date (that’s every issue of Happy Mag, all our merch, Needle In The Hay winners’ vinyl, and more) as well as permanently subscribing you to everything we put out from Issue 10 onwards.

Golden Ticket holders will get every magazine, every pressed vinyl, passes to shows we put on… everything. For life. You’ll practically be part of the team!


Happy Mag is constantly finding ways to adapt and grow our print issue with the changing media landscape. Issue 10 marks a turning point for us, and we’re honoured to be part of an passionate, tuned-in scene that’s ready to help make it happen.

To pledge your support and find out more, head to our Kickstarter page.