TheoryBoard Thy333 puts the building blocks of music at your fingertips
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TheoryBoard Thy333 puts the building blocks of music at your fingertips

Learning music theory can be daunting. It can be all the more frustrating when you just want to pick up your instrument, play and get straight into the creative zone.

Introducing the TheoryBoard Thy333the intuitive new instrument designed by Irijule to make “music theory accessible to anyone”. It seems that the quest for a more intuitive relationship with the sometimes opaque world of music theory is popular, as the TheoryBoard has smashed its Kickstarter goal, well ahead of the deadline. midi, music theory, kickstarter

The TheoryBoard Thy333 is a MIDI controller with a new approach to learning music theory, allowing users to create music instantly and learn theory at the same time.

Ditching the conventional MIDI keyboard design, the intuitive design makes the TheoryBoard Thy333 a completely new type of instrument, while also being a powerful composition and production tool.

According to Irijule’s Kickstarter pitch, the board “uses a colour-coded system” with an easy to use visual representation of the “relationship between chords and melody notes.” Users are given access to every chord and note within a scale, so “it’s impossible to play out of key”.

If it sounds a little left-of-centre, that’s because it is, however, the user experience is the priority here. Need an E Blues pentatonic scale? Just select it from the roughly 860 scales loaded into the device. Your right hand becomes a one-person army playing bass lines, lead runs and melodies. On the other side of the board, your left hand plays the chords from the larger array of buttons mapped to every possible chord of the chosen scale.

At its core, this instrument is about making music, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit along the way. Find out more about TheoryBoard Thy333 on its Kickstarter page.