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AKAI unveils the new and improved MPK mini MIDI controller

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of the MPC Beats software package, AKAI has unveiled the MPK mini mk3. Since the ’80s and the first incarnation of the MPC, AKAI has created forward-thinking hardware, always seeking to be on the cutting-edge of music production workflow.

Promising to continue this tradition with a controller that offers up “everything the modern producer demands“, this new version of the MPK mini packs in a lot more functionality than its size would suggest. AKAI MPK mini mk3

After recently making a splash with software, AKAI has backed it up with hardware. Meet the third generation of their popular controller, the new MPK mini.

The MPK mini has lost none of its famous versatility with the update. Boasting 8 drum pads, 8 endless encoders, arpeggiation and more, there’s already a formidable degree of DAW and virtual instrument control before you’ve even touched the keyboard.

Speaking of which, the keyboard — or more specifically, the keybed — provides the MPK mini’s best new feature. The Gen 2 enhanced dynamic keybed is tailor-made for playing and is designed to offer up an unprecedented degree of nuanced feel in performance, no matter the sound.

The MPK mini is made to work hand-in-glove with the Music Production Starter Kit, which includes the aforementioned MPC Beats Software and an array of virtual instruments and MPC expansion packs.

For all the details, visit the AKAI Pro website.