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Arturia’s Keystep 37 aims to keep you in the creative zone

The Keystep 37 sequencer/controller from Arturia is packed with features like quantized scale and chord modes, which keeps the creative juices flowing.

Arturia is launching their new sequencer/controller: the Keystep 37. Just a step down from the Keystep Pro, the Keystep 37 is compact, affordable, and feature-packed including an arpeggiator, sequencer, scale quantisation and MIDI controls.

Arturia is labelling the Keystep 37 as a “creative idea generator“. With a 64-step sequencer, 8-note polyphony per step, and 8 slots for custom patterns it certainly gives you the potential to discover and experiment with new ideas.

Arturia Keystep 37 sequencer/controller

Its keybed is velocity-sensitive and aftertouch-enabled, while the RGB LED indicators above the keys provide a useful visual aid for notes and chords. The Scale mode quantizes the notes to particular scales, including major, minor, blues, chromatic, and a user-defined option, which means you’ll never be out of key.

Arturia also includes a Chord mode, which offers 12 different chord voicings and another user-defined option. Adding to this is the new Strum feature, which allows you to break up chords, as opposed to playing the notes simultaneously. The negative and positive modes allow you to change the direction of the strum and the length is also adjustable.

There are 8 different arpeggiator modes to choose from as well as step recording and live recording sequencer modes, with mono and overdub recording options.

The MIDI ins and outs, as well as the 3 CV outs allow you to connect your hardware synths, modular gear, or software instruments. You can then control them via the 16 assignable parameters across 4 banks.

Check out more about the Keystep 37 on the Arturia Website.