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The Arturia KeyStep Pro is the one-stop shop for all your sequencing needs

Arturia have unveiled the KeyStep Pro – a brand new 37-key MIDI keyboard described by Arturia as a “universal sequencing mastermind”.  The KeyStep Pro is designed to be an all-in-one solution for the integration of both software and hardware, allowing the user to control modular systems, outboard instruments, and software plugins at the same time.

The KeyStep Pro features four independent polyphonic sequencer tracks with 16 step buttons, up to 64 steps per sequence, and 16 notes of polyphony per step, meaning the KeyStep Pro is capable of the storage and recollection of large projects with ease.Arturia KeyStep Pro

The Arturia KeyStep Pro provides massive integration across software and hardware in a feature-filled MIDI keyboard package.

Complementing this is a melodic sequencer with real-time recording, as well as step recording and editing, pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift, and probability for each note, scale quantization with user scales, and polyphonic CV outputs.

The KeyStep Pro also features a polyrhythmic 24-part drum sequencer, an arpeggiator with seven modes and a five-octave range, and a performance-oriented sequencer featuring pattern randomisation, quantized and unquantized recording, forward and two random playing modes, plus a looper.

Adding to the massive list of features and options on the KeyStep Pro are four CV voices all featuring gate, pitch, and mod, eight individual drum gate outputs, one MIDI input and two MIDI outputs alongside a metronome with included speaker and line output.

The 37 keys are equipped with both velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, as well as an LED above each key for visual feedback. Pitch and mod touch strips are also featured on the KeyStep Pro for extra expression, as well as an input for sustain pedal.

Featuring an enormous number of features and options, the Arturia KeyStep Pro is expected to be available from March 20 for  $449USD. For more information, visit Arturia.