Turns out the Baby Yoda puppet cost $5 million to make

Turns out the Baby Yoda puppet cost $5 million to make

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are your social media feed has, at some point, been overwhelmed a siege of Baby Yoda related images or memes. But have you ever wondered how much the little guy cost to make? Hold on to your pilot-seat, the figure will probably blow you off your chair.

Actor Adam Pally has stated in a recent interview that although the puppet is physically quite small, Baby Yoda cost close to $5 million USD to make.

The figure was revealed when Pally, who was told to punch the adorable creature in the show’s season finale, hit a little too hard in the scene’s first take.

After taking a big swing, the series creator and director Jon Favreau informed Pally, who plays a brutish bike scout trooper, that although some tangible sense of passion was required, the puppet was perhaps one of the greatest expenses of the entire set.

Understandably, the news was enough to make the actor miss his target completely for the next three takes for fear of causing irreparable damage to such an expensive prop.

It’s safe to say, Baby Yoda remains alive and well and we should be seeing plenty more of him (intact) in season 2.