Get raw with Brandon Poletti on his new EP ‘Words from Within’

After a busy year, full of hard work, Aussie singer-songwriter Brandon Poletti has returned with his highly anticipated sophomore EP, Words from Within.

Poletti has thoughtfully curated a stunning EP with four compelling tracks set to leave you feeling deeply – not to mention craving more of his unique sound. 

brandon poletti

Immerse yourself in the blissful melodies and reflect upon the profound lyricism which Poletti has delivered throughout every second of Words From within

Sitting By Myself is the opening track, and in under four minutes, you are whisked away to a faraway place to soak in the simple yet beautiful instrumentals and reflective lyrics. It becomes immediately clear that Poletti is not just a songwriter but a storyteller too. 

When Brandon Poletti was just 20 years old, performing live, he was riddled with stage fright. However within just a few short years, Poletti continued on the journey towards his dream, taking him from bedroom songwriter to a well-regarded touring musician, playing venues across Australia. The many ways in which Poletti has matured over time shine through on Words From Within and the second track, Too Long, champions this. Introspective lyrics about nostalgia and change display the artist’s growth as well as his developing understanding of what these changes truly mean.

Heart and soul are essential ingredients for any song crafted by Brandon Poletti and Find My Way Through is another song which proves this with ease. The sound of Poletti’s voice in this track’s chorus seems to carry you away. While Poletti’s lyrics are raw, honest and profoundly personal, they are also very relatable, inviting you to explore your own feelings about the world around you. 

Words from Within was produced by Josh Dyson at Villa Studios, with Poletti calling in some of Perth’s best musicians to help craft his breezy acoustic sound. Brandon filled the studio with the stellar talents of Harry Winton,Gregory Brenton, Karl Florisson, Jordan Anthony, Xyanthe Lee, Madoc Plane, and Lucky Oceans to bring his vision to life, successfully creating the perfect follow-up to Poletti’s debut EP My Biggest Fear.

Remind Me is the final track from Words from Within, carrying a distinctive twang compared to his other songs. It’s hard not to resonate with the lyrics of this one as it delves deep into the universal feeling of falling in love. Rather than using cliches or simple lyricism, Poletti has explored a vast vocabulary to write lyrics which stand out from the rest, making each track as captivating as the last. When Remind Me concludes, it feels a shame that the EP has come to an end. 

Brandon Poletti is quickly creating himself as one of Australia’s most promising modern storytellers. It’s clear to see that with the continued creation of music as beautiful as Words from Within, there is no telling just how far Poletti will go and just how many people he will enchant. 


Words from Within is out now.