Set your alarm for Arturia ‘Rendez-vous’ special Livestream announcement

Arturia, the coolest French electronics company in the world has some special announcements coming at you today, tune in to discover what the synth lords are unveiling.

Arturia aka ‘The Sound Explorers’, makes instruments for electronic musicians and is the leading developer of music software, and synths. But we didn’t need to tell you that, chances are if you are a muso, and you like your Synths, your Midi’s, and your Controllers, these guys are already on your radar.

If they aren’t, it’s about time you did yourself a solid and introduced yourself, and since they are hosting a special announcement any moment now, what better way to get your eyes and ears on what the team has had up their sleeves?

In less than 17 hours (at the time of publishing), Arturia will host ‘Rendez-vous’, a one-off Livestream event showcasing a series of special announcements. The event will be streamed on Arturia’s YouTube channel, accessible to the public. 

Tune in Tuesday, October 18th at 6 PM CET.

Check-in with their YouTube channel below or join the event here:

To tide you over, the synthiest of synth lords have already dropped a teaser:


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