Daisy is a programmable controller for pedals, modules, and more
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Daisy is a programmable controller for pedals, modules, and more

Music technology makers Electrosmith have launched a Kickstarter to support the Electrosmith Daisy, described as an embedded platform for music. A full open source platform, the Daisy is a microcomputer equipped with everything necessary to code your own pedals, modules, and even instruments.

The Electrosmith Daisy is a microcomputer about the size of a stick of gum, but it carries a powerful array of audio channels and processing power, making it an extremely versatile platform for music creation.Electrosmith Daisy

The Electrosmith Daisy might be just the size of a stick of gum, but this microcomputer is capable of programming pedals, modules, and even instruments.

The Daisy features two channels of line level audio, alongside MIDI connectivity. With 64MB of SDRAM, the Daisy carries enough memory for ten minutes of audio buffer. The built-in micro USB port means the Daisy is capable of operating as any USB device, including as an audio interface, MIDI controller, or sample player.

The real power, though, comes from the software. The Daisy provides support for a variety of programming languages, including C++, Arduino, and Max/MSP. With easily writable code, the Daisy can be transformed into any number of effects, synthesisers, processors, and modules.

To make things even easier, Electrosmith are also releasing four Daisy powered devices, designed as evaluation programs for the Daisy. Basically, this means each device will be able to be used as simple controllers for whatever program the Daisy is running. This is an exciting development, as it allows users to create their own pedals, modules, synthesisers, and anything else imaginable.

The Pod is a USB powered breakout board, with a couple of buttons and knobs for controlling various programmable parameters. The Petal is a guitar pedal with four footswitches and a rotary encoder, capable of operating as a reverb, delay, looper, or any other program run through Daisy.

The Patch is a Eurorack module with four modular level inputs and outputs, four control knobs, and likewise can run any Daisy program, including granular processing and sampling. Lastly, the Field is a desktop synthesiser operational as a monosynth, drum machine, sequencer, and many more.

All components are available as Kickstarter rewards. The Daisy itself is just $29USD, which is an incredibly low price for a development platform this powerful. The other devices obviously run a little higher, but considering their versatility it’s not a bad investment. The Pod is $79USD, the Petal is $299USD, the Patch is $329USD, and the Field is $399USD, while the Garden (the entire bundle) is $999USD. Each device comes with Daisy installed.

For more information, head to the Kickstarter, open until March 26, or check out Electrosmith.