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Check out Klevgrand’s KRETS: a free modular audio environment

Klevgrand have been working on a modular audio environment called KRETS for a while – now they want you to try it out.

Initially developed for the company’s own internal testing use, KRETS is now available to the public in an alpha state, anticipating the release of an official product.KRETS

Plug-in producer Klevgrand has been working on KRETS, a new modular audio environment that is now yours to try – for free.

The environment is fully functional, but it’s likely that prior to any official release the functionality and design of the product will change, depending on user feedback.

Akin to Max (also known as Max/MSP), KRETS is a modular environment designed to create any number of audio processes. As algorithms and modules are connected in different ways, the processes will execute differently, allowing any number of effects to be created, from simple loops to generative soundscapes.

The possibilities for these kind of environments tend to be pretty astonishing. Without presets, the results are only limited to the user’s imagination, so they can be productive grounds for experimentation and exact customisation.

KRETS can be used with any DAW compatible with AU or VST format.

In these initial stages, KRETS is available for free with an account, so if you’ve ever wanted to explore the possibilities of a modular audio environment, now might be the time.

For more information, head to Klevgrand.