Mazzy Star co-founder David Roback has died, aged 61

David Roback, co-founder of Mazzy Star has passed away, according to a representative.

The producer and multi-instrumentalist started the band along with singer Hope Sandoval in 1989, previously co-founding Rain Parade and Opal in the ’80s.

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David Roback, co-founder of Mazzy Star and central figure of the neo-psychedelic revival scene of 1980s L.A., has passed away, aged 61.

Roback was a pivotal figure in the Paisley Underground scene of L.A. in the ’80s. Before Mazzy Star, Roback co-founded the band Rain Parade, one of the bands central to the neo-psychedelic revival. He released one album with Rain Parade before moving on to found Opal in the mid-80s, which was later joined by Hope Sandoval.

He and Sandoval would then go onto form Mazzy Star, releasing their first album, She Hangs Brightly, in 1990. Their biggest hit, Fade Into You, was included on their follow up album in 1993, So Tonight That I Might See. 

Roback co-wrote all of the band’s songs alongside Sandoval. In 2013, the band released Seasons of Your Day, 17 years after their previous release. Their final record was Still EP, released in 2018.

Roback’s cause of death is yet to be announced.

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